Friday, February 27, 2015

Angela's February Wrap-up

I'm writing this post super early (Feb. 21st), but by the time it reaches y'all it will be the end of the month. I know I wasn't too active on here this month, and that I saved most of my reviews till this last week and that's because I'm currently in the process of moving and sadly wont be able to be back on here till first week-ish of march. SO I preset everything to post while I'm off. I don't even know if I'll be able to read for the next week or so. (moment of silence for my time lost please.) Anyways, on to the good stuff. The whole month of February I dedicated too two things: doing some re-reads and focusing on books people recommended me. If you follow me on goodreads or have seen some of my latest reviews I explained that I went on and asked friends for their favorite books/books that brought them to tears and got tons of responses back. Then I did a big haul, did my re-reading while waiting on said haul, then went recommendation reading crazy. With February being such a short month I wanted to push really hard to read a bunch during it. Especially since I knew I wasn't going to have any time at the end of the month. So I was hoping to get to 30 books, but sadly fell a few short. Reading a total of 23 books... So close, yet so far away. Sigh.

As usual all you have to do is click the titles and it'll take you straight to the reviews.

Ten Tiny Breaths- K. A. Tucker
Let the Sky Fall- Shannon Messenger
This Song Will Save Your Life- Lelia Sales
Maybe Not- Colleen Hoover
Point of Retreat- Colleen Hoover 
Friend-Zoned- Belle Aurora 
Hexed- Michelle Krys
The 5th Wave- Rick Yancey (Re-Read)
The Infinite Sea- Rick Yancey (Re-Read)
Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi (Re-Read)
Unravel Me- Tahereh Mafi (Re-Read)
Ignite Me- Tahereh Mafi (Re-Read)
I'll Give You the Sun- Jandy Nelson
Bad Romeo- Leisa Rayven
Snare- Clarissa Wild 
The Red Queen- Victoria Aveyard
Invaded- Melissa Landers
Me Before You- Jojo Moyes
Hardline- Michelle Wilds
Hardpressed- Michelle Wilds
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe- Benjamin Sáenz
Insurgent- Veronica Roth (Re-Read)
Royal Saga- Geneva Lee 

Of course as far as my favorites this month went, you should be able to tell that anything someone re-reads means that they probably love(d) it. I was so happy that I got to squeeze in both The Shatter Me series and The 5th Wave series. I loved them the first time around but re-reading them made me fall in love all over again (maybe even harder)... I'm basically begging for next year to get here so we can go see The 5th Wave movie already! I actually got to re-read The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea with my husband and after he finished both of them he said he officially understands "fan-girling" because he loved them both so much. Oh, and with that being said did y'all see that we might finally have a name for book three!?!?! Rumor is it's going to be The Last Star, goosebumps right! (edit it was 100% confirmed this is going to be the name! Now please give us the cover already!) I also got to re -read Insurgent. I really want to right a full review for this book, but I'm going to wait until next month when Leah and I go and see the movie. I had a lot odd questions after seeing so many trailers for the upcoming film. I just knew I had to re-visit it... and I'm so glad I did. I didn't realize how much I had forgotten, and I don't think I'll be mad about what they are clearly already changing. (Well see for sure in March)

As far as my other favorites went that weren't re-reads, hands-down they had to be, Maybe Not, Point of Retreat, Me Before You, and The Red Queen. Of course my favorite list has to include at least one Hoover book, and Point of Retreat definitely didn't let me down. Then there's Me Before You which was the perfect love story, and The Red Queen which was a new release in February. One made me cry my eyes out while the other had me on the edge of my seat. Which one of the four would I pick as my Feb Fave..?? Easy, Maybe Not. Even as a novella it easily took the top spot! Having everything I loved in a book thrown into less that 150 pages. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard while reading a book before. Maybe Someday is one of my all time favorite books, but I still enjoyed Maybe Not just as much, if not more.

When it came to let downs February was full of them... Ten Tiny Breaths, Bad Romeo, Snare, and Invaded all made my list. Ten Tiny Breaths and Bad Romeo both had these amazing covers with story that didn't stand up. They both had the potential to be great but missed the mark and fell flat. Invaded wasn't a terrible book but as a follow up to Alienated it didn't come close to the same amazing-ness the first book had. Nothing happened till almost the very end, but at that point I was just to bored to really enjoy what was happening. My biggest let down however was Snare. IT MIGHT JUST BE THE WORST BOOK I'VE EVER READ!!! No, I think it is the worst book I've ever read. It was disgusting, weird, had one WTF thing after another, made no sense, and was just over-all terrible. I have no earthly clue how anyone could give this a five star rating, but tons of people have (to each their own... I guess). I'll more than likely post a ranting review on this book next month... Even though I'm trying to scrub it from my memory. Ugh, seriously though Snare was so... I don't know it really makes my skin hurt even thinking about it... Anyways.

There you have it my best and worst reads for this month. See y'all in March.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

Layken and Will have proven their love can get them through anything; until someone from Will’s past re-emerges, leaving Layken questioning the very foundation on which their relationship was built.  

When I first stared reading Point of Retreat I didn't want to. I was too afraid that Colleen would do what she always does and have me sobbing like a baby. So I put it off for about two weeks, but at last I caved and picked it up.

"If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you.” 

When I started reading a few chapters in I went to Leah and said "I don't like Wills point of view, and I don't think I'm going to like this book as much as I loved Slammed"... I know y'all can't see me but right now I'm slapping myself in the face... I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!!! Of course Colleen Hoover wouldn't let me down, she never has, and here's too hoping she never will.

I loved Point of Retreat maybe even as much as Slammed. Didn't think I would, but I did. After reading it it took me HOURS to get back to normal. This book hit me like a train going a million miles an hour and I was just as messy afterwards. Point of Retreat picks up shortly after were Slammed ended. When I read the synopsis I wont lie I was kind of turned off by the idea of "something from Will's past" coming back up... Because if you've read book one than you KNOW what it is. I thought the story was going to focus around that, that I would be annoyed hearing about it, and it was something I was far from interested in having this book circle around. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't. Colleen's books always do that to me. They have me thinking that a story is going to go one way then out of nowhere it goes somewhere else. That aspect never lets me down. Will and Lake are as amazing as they are in book one. Both so stubborn, persistent, and will show you what love is suppose to be like. They are both still amazing role models, realistic, and more than that they are such strongly written characters. If you loved them in Slammed then you'll love them just as much in Point of Retreat. There are a few new characters introduced into this book as well which help take this story to a new level. Kristen and Sherry are amazing. Kristen almost stole the show. She is probably the funniest child I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. Her quirk, charm, and yes under-aged wisdom is priceless.

The pace of this book was amazing. The perfect mixture of slow paced beautiful moments and heart racing tear jerking scenes. Like I said above, this story had me thinking it was something it wasn't. I am again thankful that people have kept Colleen's plot twist secret. I know like a lot of other reviews of Colleen's I've done this will be more vague than others but this is a series you MUST pick up. It might be for just very personal reasons but this series has hit closer to home than any other book or series ever has. Point of Retreat had me crying harder than Slammed and I never thought that would be a possibility. This is a series that takes so many different unique aspects with a heavy hand in family beliefs and give you so much. By the end of this book I could barely see the pages. Point of Retreat was just so perfect. I was an emotion wreck.

I continue to hate Colleen Hoover for always perfectly breaking my heart one novel at a time. 

10/10 my sweet stars 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

When Cassie Taylor met Ethan Holt at acting school, sparks flew. She was the good girl actress. He was the bad boy about campus. But one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Cassie and Ethan's romance seemed destined. Until he broke her heart and betrayed her trust. Now the A-list heartthrobber is back in her life and turning her world around. 

The more I think about Bad Romeo the lower I want to rate it... I normally go into a review knowing what star rating I'm going to give it, but in Bad Romeo's case  I'm just going to wait till I'm completely done with the review before I decide anything.

With a cover like this I had high hopes for the book. I found Bad Romeo entertaining enough that I wanted to finish it, BUT there are also A LOT of things about it I hated.

The story follows two main characters Cassie Taylor and Ethan Holt. My main problem with the stories starts right there... With Cassie. At the start of this story she is a strong sassy leading lady, but as the novel continues, in both present and past tense, she became BEYOND annoying. When she is originally introduced I loved her. She seemed like she could hold her own against the leading tough guy Ethan. Cassie ending up spending 90% of the book begging (yes begging) for him to give her the D. 

She was so whiny and childish. Yes, some of her sexual commentary was funny and did give me a good LOL now and again but after 300 pages of her groveling for him to have sex with her I was just over it. I like up front ladies but it was just too much. Now on to Ethan. I liked present day Ethan a million times more than past Ethan. If you read this book you would probably think my reasoning for it is because present Ethan is swoon worthy and sweet... but you'd be wrong. It would be because he no longer went on and on about how much of an asshole he was. He spent WAY, WAY too much time talking about how he was a dick. WE GET IT YOU'RE SUCH A TOUGH GUY WITH A HORRIBLE PAST. (Just like every other Ya hottie.) Bad boy-don't want a girl friend-attitude was cute maybe the first 5 times you said it. Once again his character got really old fast! Present Ethan though; I'd take him any day of the week. I did really enjoy his characters verbiage and the way he brought about banter. The main and one of the only things I liked about the characters is that their relationship is more "realistic" because it's not rushed. They spent years building what they have (good or bad) as the book follows their 6 year journey.

"Think about it, Taylor," he says as he leans forward. "If Romeo thought he loved Rosaline and she broke his heart, why wouldn't he be terrified of Juliet, considering his connection to her is a hundred times stronger?" I raise my eyebrows. "Maybe he's brave enough to think it's worth the risk."

As far as the plot went, it was a little weak. The time-line does bounce between present day, six years earlier, and a few dairy entries. I found for the most part that the diaries entries were a little pointless. I got why they were there, I just didn't think they severed a real purpose. The back and forth between past and present never seemed to bother me however. The main point to the story is that Ethan apparently did Cassie wrong. Not just once, but twice. So in present time he is fighting to win her back. This is another issue I had with the book. It is only slightly suggested what the first thing he did to her was... the second item isn't even blinked at in this book. I like as much as the next book reader to use my imagination and draw my own conclusions now and again, but sometimes I just want you to flat out tell me what happened. I wouldn't of minded waiting for book two too get the second answer BUT for the love of mike just flat out tell me what he did too her, don't just blush at it then move on. The story was dragged out for way too long. This book is just over 400 pages and it could have been around 250-300.

As far as positive feedback, the things I did like about this book were: some of the phrases Leisa used to describe scenes and situations, the few actual romantic moments, the way the title was brought into play, and the steamy scenes were well written.

"When he looks at me with eyes full of agony and saltwater, I feel like I'm drowning" 

Like seriously, you can't just write short, sweet little phrases like that, but then give us very little of anything else. Other than the handful of nice items I liked, I overall wanted more out of this story. I was promised a romantic tale of star-crossed love lost, but what I got was a short stop ending with not even half answered questions.

Will I be continuing this series? Maybe. I mean I would like to know what happens in the long run... But then again I might just google it.

4/10 Stars 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Lou Clark knows lots of things. What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job and that might not be the only thing in her life that will be changing. Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world.

“You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.”

Going to start this review off by saying that if you don't want to have your heart torn from your chest and crushed into a tiny little pieces then don't pick up this book. I kept seeing people say "Now this is a book", and figured it was a lot of hype. NO, NO it wasn't just a lot of hype. If you follow me on goodreads than you know all this month I've only (well mainly only) been reading books suggested to me from friends on there. Me Before You was suggested to me at least ten times.

Me Before You is a story surrounding two main characters, Will Taynor and Lou Clark. Lou is just average. She is barely floating through life. Long time job, rocking a steady boyfriend, and just above average taste in clothes. Will Taynor was a successful business man. Constantly traveling, being active, and enjoying his above average life. This all changes when Lou is laid off work and Will is in a major accident leaving him a quadriplegic. After these events happen you'll more than likely be thinking the same thing I thought, "wow I know exactly where this cliche love story is going", and just like me you'll more than likely be wrong. 

Lou is struggling with what and who she wants to be. At 26 she really has no aim in life. She finds herself at a job center which offers her the chance to be a sort of caregiver to Will. Will is the definition of a broken human. After two years of having no control over his life he has just given up hope. After a shocking plot twist Lou makes it her goal to make Will happy and is determined to have him wanting to live life again. As they set out to travel and make the most of time their feelings for each other change and turn into something way beyond friendship. 

“All I can say is that you make make me into someone I couldn't even imagine. You make me happy, even when you're awful. I would rather be with you- even the you that you seem to think is diminished- than with anyone else in the world.” 

The plot of this story does start out slow. I was worried when I got over 150 pages in and the book was still that same pace. Once getting closer to the end I saw why it was that way. This story builds to something so amazing. I wish I could come up with a better, more lyrical word than "amazing", but I don't think they've invented a word yet to describe the end of this book. The twist, that I didn't see coming, in the middle set up this book to be something beyond comparison or even words. It was something I had heard about but never had the chance to read about. The middle and end of this book made the time I spent reading it so meaningful. The end of this book had me on the floor balling my eyes out. Not kidding... at one point I went to the bathroom to get a tissue and just sat on the floor and cried. 

Not only did Me Before You make me sob, it made me think. It had me thinking hours after putting it down. It has some amazing moral questioning factors thrown into this wonderful love story. It will make you wonder how far you would be willing to go to make the person you love happy. Once it got closer to the ending you'll see what's about to happen... You wont be shocked in what's about to happen, and it wills still manage to shatter you. I thought I wouldn't be happy with how she chose to end it, but the ending was perfect. I don't think it could have gone any other way. This is a book of the purest most selfless love. I don't know when the next time will be that I will get to read a love story quite like this. 

THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ OF MUST READS. One of the best novels ever recommended to me. Thank you. 

10/10 Stars

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Revisit a book: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in exactly 264 days. The last time she did, it was by accident, but The Reestablishment locked her up for murder. The world is in shambles and no one has time to worry about the 17 year old girl. Now so many people are dead that the survivors are whispering war and The Reestablishment has changed its mind about her... Maybe Juliette is more than an untouchable body. They're seeing her with new eyes, and seeing her as a weapon.

Leah and I decided around the end of last year that we were going to try to do this thing where we go back and read books that we loved and see if we still feel the same way about them after so much time. I figured since I'm currently waiting on a book shipment this would be the perfect time to pick up an oldie. Decided my first one this year would be Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I've seen this book popping up here and there again, and a lot on insta lately. Shatter Me is a book I read end of 2013 begging of 2014 (give or take some time). After reading it I gave it a five star rating and threw it on my all time favorites shelf. I wont lie either after all this time and after you finish a series, all the books involved in it kind of run together. So I remembered what happened in the series but couldn't remember what happened in which book.

So after all this time do I still love it? Do I still feel the same about it? Is it still one of my all time favorites? 

The answer too those question is YES. 

I looked up my old review for this book one goodreads and re read it to jog my memory... and decided that I'm going to post the review that I wrote for that and put a few alterations in it. Because there are a few minor things I need to add...

Breathtaking, wonderful, and stunning.... I could use any of those words to describe this series but they would all be understatement. Mafi's writing is beyond refreshing and unique. It's something so hard to describe or even put into words, and I know that my review wont do it true justice.

I found myself drowning in her words and not wanting to come up for air. I wanted the waves of her writing to crash over me and pull me further and further out. I'm pretty sure I held my breath the whole time I was reading this series (which might I add at the time I finished in less than two days).  Never has a writer made me fall so in love with characters and made me feel like whatever happened to them was happening to me. Her characters will steal your heart and soul. Juliette will make you feel empowered and brave. Adam will make you remember what love feels like. Warner will show you everything you secretly want and OH BOY WILL YOU WANT IT, and Kenji will be the friend you've always wanted.

The characters are truly on a level all their own. We all know it's one thing to fall in love with a character(s) but it's a whole other thing to fall in love with a writing style. Mafi's writing had me head over heels. Every single sentence could be quoted. It's one lyrical and poetic verse after another.

“My body is a carnivorous flower, a poisonous houseplant, a loaded gun with a million triggers and he's more than ready to fire.”   

I could go on for days... weeks... no years about this book. I would go so into detail and fine tooth comb and break down every chapter if I could, but I wont because I would never want to tarnish, or give out any details to someone who hasn't had the chance to read this masterpiece, because that's what this series is. It's the Mona Lisa of ya novels. A slight mysterious smile that you can't turn away from. It makes you want to scream out loud and kiss Tahereh's forehead and thank her for writing something so on point. so on point. I could read this book again and again with no shame. The plot never slows down, the sub characters will sweep you are your feet, and the "OMG" moments are always short of small. The only thing I really need to change from my original review is I remember more of an OMG moment at the ending, and I don't fully remember why I freaked out as much as I did. It doesn't really end on a cliffhanger, but even that being said I am still completely in love with how it did end.

I could seriously keep going, but I'll spare you the novel of a review I could write and leave you with this.....
You know how you meet someone with such passion for what they do and all you can think is "wow, this person was born to do this" well Tahereh Mafi was meant to be a writer, and I'm SO very thankful that she is! Thanks for the permanent goose bumps, tears, laughs, and never ending book hang over that you have rewarded me with. I am forever in your debt. Even after a year plus you  made me fall in love all over again. So, I'm pretty sure at this point in time I don't really need to say if I still did or didn't love this novel...

10/10 Stars

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Duff Movie Review

So last night we went out on a total GNO, like we usually do for page to premieres... We got on our bedroom slippers, threw on some yoga pants, grabbed some candy and headed out to our local theater for the 7oclock showing of The Duff. For those of you that might not know this movie is based off a book, The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by

and humor. Skyler Samuels and Bianca Santos who played her best friends Casey and Jess were both sweet and well chosen sub characters. Bella Thorne who plays Madison, Bianca enemy in the film was someone I (Angela) thought was an interesting and not-so-good fit for the new Regina George in this movie. I again found myself pleasantly surprised. She ended up playing the part rather well. There's no doubt though who stole the show;  yes it was Ms. Bianca Piper herself. Mae Whitman was the perfect choice to play Bianca. She was funny, quirky, and took the character to the next level. She was just overall well portrayed. The movie also does a really great job with its supporting characters, such as teachers and Bianca's mom. They add an extra level of funny to the plot that you don't expect.

The movie itself was rocking just under two hours and I think that was the perfect length for this film. The Duff movie did an amazing job capturing what high meanness is really like all while managing to make audiences laugh. I know a lot of people are saying that this movie seems mean because it's focusing around just a negative word, but well let you know first hand it's not! It's just a coming of age story that shows a girl figuring out that high-school doesn't define you. You definitely have to not judge the book or the movie by the cover on this one. It starts out focusing on the negative but by the end you have a feel good story that leaves you walking away with a good message about being yourself.

Angela's Rating- 10/10 Stars (I liked it way better than the book)
Leah's Rating- 10/10 stars (Me too!!)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkosi

"I leap without feet to land, my cloth head is filled with sand. I have no wings, yet try to fly... what am I?"...

The second and dramatic second book two of The Winner's Curse series perhaps mmmmm.....

I was very, very lucky to get an Arc of The Winner's Crime. This book is set to come out March, 2015. With the approach of this books release date coming up fast I figured I would re-post this review since 1) I got this ARC forever ago and 2) because I originally posted it right when our blog started.

I know that when it comes to reading books I only care about one true thing, and that is how the book ends. I REPEAT: IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT ENDING! Doesn't matter if it's the first book or last book in a series. If you don't bring a strong ending then don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya... The thing Marie Rutkoski doesn't disappoint on is book endings. The Winner's Crime is no different.

TWC starts off where the first book left off. Krestle is still set to marry the Valoria's crown prince in an ever so awk marriage arrangement. She's still struggling between what is right and what is wrong; who to trust and where her true alliance lies. (Even I still don't know whose side I'm on). Marie Rutkoski isn't just skilled at book ending she's amazing at dropping oh so subtle hints that are usually closely followed by "WTF" moments. This book is sprinkled like a cupcake with surprises that I can't wait for you all to get a taste of.

This book is however very much a second book in a trilogy. It has moments that are a little slower. As usual you know that they are there to lay so much ground work for what will be coming in the next book. The thing I love about this story is Krestle isn't at all your usual suspect as far as ya fem heroines go. She isn't a dagger slinging, muscle having, archery shooting wild women. What she has though is something I think we often overlook in stories, and that is brains. Krestle is oozing with smarts. She has a silver tongue and a quick wit that often lets her see things other over look. This make her even more like-able, believable, and more dangerous than most would think. Arin is still a strong, smart, and very like-able leading male in this novel. And yeah he is still as mysterious and grey eyed as in book one (swoon! grey eyes <3333). He also may or may not have several sneaky tricks up his borrowed shirt sleeves.

Something I absolutely loved about this whole novel is the brief and amazing moment Rutkoski has between Krestle and the father she fears she will never be able to impress. The moment is beautiful and is written to perfection. The thing I really craved was more Arin and Krestle moments. This one didn't have as many as I hope for BUT I'm hoping it's because book three will be overflowing with steamy star-crossed lover-ness and I can be super giddy and heart eyed  that whole book. I just want to shake them both and scream "come on and get together already and make beautiful piano playing babies!". Still the main thing I have to say about this book is THE ENDING THE ENDING THE ENDING!!! IT IS PERFECT, and is worth some of the more book building moments, and slower paced scenes. I have NO doubt that the ending of this series will knock my socks off. Add this series to you TBR list.

8.5/10 Stars

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I had this book on my TBR since early last year when the cover was first released. As the hype around it kept growing, I got really worried that it wasn't going to live up to it all. When release day finally came and I got my hands on My Precious, I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer to the baby book angels that Red Queen is as good as I hoped. Thankfully whatever higher power that gave the world Theo James also heard my prayers because Red Queen WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE ANTICIPATED.

The first 50-60 pages or so is basically all world building. We meet a bunch of the main characters, we learn about their world, the hierarchy, some of the big problems that are going on, and we also meet some characters that aren't super important then but you can kind of guess that they're going to come in later on in the book (The Guard, random Silvers that are mentioned, Mare's family, Kilorn, random Reds that are mentioned, etc). I appreciated the fact that the author took a good chunk of the first part of the book to go into so much detail because otherwise I would have been really confused once the plot started picking up. Once things get going, they start going fast. Things start happening left and right and you're like WTF is this going to go?!?! There are so many sub-plots going on in the background with minor characters on top of what is happening with Mare, the main character. All I will say is that if you are reading and aren't
really feeling the world building, just hold out until Mare gets to the Queenstrial.

The main character, Mare, is a great leading lady. She is realistic and relatable because she makes a lot of mistakes.... a lot. She doesn't think things through before she talks or makes decisions so she ends up getting herself in some tough pickles. I will say she really is selfless and tries to do the best she can for those she cares about. Yeah, she doesn't go about it the best way sometimes, but you really got to give it to her for trying.

I LOVE the love triangle! I mean, I guess you could call it a love square, but I don't want to give away any spoilers by going into too much detail. I know a lot of people don't like love triangles in YA, but personally I love them. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE BECAUSE BOTH OF THE GUYS ARE SUPER AMAZING. I kept going back and forth between who I liked more and wanted her to be with, but unfortunately the book decided for me. Which leads me to the ending....

The ending is so crazy. Seriously y'all, I felt like I was shot through the heart with betrayal. You can kind of figure out what is basically going to happen, but it is like you are watching it happen in slow motion and can't do anything to stop it. You're just sitting on the side lines screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" while the train wreck happens. I loved the epilogue because it gave me some closure and really set it up for book two. I have no idea where book two will take things so I am super excited and nervous for it to come out.

I feel like the author took all of my favorite YA books and took elements from them all and made Red Queen. Parts of it reminded me of The Selection, Pawn, The Hunger Games, Legend, The Jewel, and Kiss of Deception. I can easily say that this is one of my favorite YA books, and I have a feeling that this series will become one of my favorites. It is one of the best YA books I have read in a good while and really brings me back to my roots as far as why I love YA so much. There is so much action and secrets and conspiracies that you don't even miss the fact that it isn't heavy on the romance (which is why I turn to NA books when I want steamy mcsteamy!!). I thought it was perfect, though I do hope there is a little more romance in book two.

Red Queen is a must read for everyone. This is already one of the biggest book releases this year, and I think it is easily going to be one of the top books of the year. From what I've read elsewhere, it is already been opted for a movie, so I have a feeling the popularity is going to EXPLODE. Definitely jump on the wagon and go out and buy this book. I promise you won't regret it!

5/5 stars

Monday, February 16, 2015


We would like to wish Jennifer Armentrout a HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to The Return!! Since you all know we love JLA more than air, we are more than happy to give you guys a sneak peek on The Return plus tons of other info! We pre-ordered our signed copies months ago AND CANNOT WAIT TO GET THEM! This book is going to be awesome.

 THE RETURN Excerpt: 
 I was a half-blood, but I was also the Apollyon, a child of a pure and a half, a union that had been forbidden for thousands of years because an Apollyon was more powerful than any pure or half could ever hope to be.

And I always got to the traitors’ hideouts before they did, so the Sentinels were usually left with the cleanup, which I was sure absolutely thrilled them.

The first to enter was a female half-blood dressed just as I was. Her black hair was pulled back in a neat little knot at the top of her head. She was older, probably in her mid-thirties. It was pretty rare for a Sentinel to live that long. Her dark skin paled as she stopped just inside the entrance. She clenched titanium daggers in her hands like she expected something vicious to pop out from under the bloody mess.

The female Sentinel tipped her chin up, and the overhead light sliced across her broad cheekbones. She bore a jagged scar under her right eye, the skin lighter in tone. She saw me and froze.

My smile widened.

Behind her, another Sentinel rushed in, almost mowing her over. He saw me and whispered, “Seth.”

He’d said my name like I was the monster under his bed, and I sort of liked that. Then another Sentinel and another rolled in. The fifth took one look at my interior design work and keeled over. Slamming his hands on his knees, he hurled up his dinner.


Our society existed completely unknown to the average mortal and had operated under what was known as the Breed Order for thousands of years. The Order had been dismantled, which meant halfs were no longer forced to choose between becoming Sentinels—hunting down violent creatures, protecting pures, enforcing laws, and otherwise usually dying pretty damn quickly on the job—or servants, which was a job that really wasn’t a job, but more like slavery. Since then, many pampered pures had signed on to be Sentinels, making up for the loss of the halfs who’d pretty much said “screw this shit, I’m out.”

This wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

For example, the dumbass puking all over my blood-covered floor was a pure. When he straightened, his face a greenish hue, he backed away, shaking his head. “I can’t,” he gasped out. “I can’t do this.”

Then he turned and hauled ass out the doors.
I sighed. This was why we couldn’t have nice things. 

Barnes and Noble 

THE RETURN Synopsis: 
The Fates are cackling their bony asses off...

It's been a year since Seth made the deal with the gods that pledged his life to them. And so far, the jobs they've given him have been violent and bloody--which is kind of all right with him. But now Apollo has something else in mind for Seth. He's got to play protector while keeping his hands and fingers off, and for someone who really has a problem with restraint, this new assignment might be the most challenging yet.

Josie has no idea what this crazy hot guy's deal might be, but it's a good bet that his arrival means the new life she started after leaving home is about to be thrown into an Olympian-sized blender turned up to puree. Either Josie is going insane or a nightmare straight out of ancient myth is gunning for her.

But it might be the unlikely attraction simmering between her and the golden-eyed, secret-keeping Seth that may prove to be the most dangerous thing of all.

Because history has once again been flipped to repeat.

SOUNDS AWESOME, RIGHT?! Here is your chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card in honor of this glorious book being released! 

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About Jennifer L. Armentrout: 
 # 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV.

She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J.
Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

The Return Goodreads
Jennifer's Goodreads

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friend-zoned by Belle Aurora

Nik Leokov never thought he'd fall for the only girl he's ever befriended. Tina Tomic has issues with
commitment after the ultimate betrayal.When Tina decides to make Nik's day better, she never thought she would end up friends with him. Nik isn't use to women wanting to be around him without expecting something in return.

I'm finding it hard to explain how I feel about Friend-Zoned... Did I like it? Did I hate it? Guess the answer is yes to both.

I usually start off with talking about characters but I think I'll mix it up and go with the plot first. The plot is strong and well written. I never felt like there were odd gaps or parts that just didn't make sense. It was a good blend of both action and humor. Predictable? Yes. Did I care..? Nope. From start to end the flow is good. But like I said, I was never once surprised by anything that happened. With that being said I feel I also need to point out that this book is sharp cheddar. IT IS SO CHEESE!!!! Again, did I care? NOPE! Still found myself super entertained. Towards end when the whole "con" scene happens I thought the book got a little carried away but that's my only real plot complaint.

On to the characters... First our leading lady, Tina. Tina isn't my favorite girl. I liked her passion for work and fashion, but hated the way she talked. She's suppose to be 28 (??? I think 28 is right) but sometimes she talked like she was 14. A few times I wanted to reach in the book and punch her in the throat and tell her to use real words. BUT overall she's a fine character, just not my favorite. Her friends/co-workers; Mimi, Lola, and Nat were enjoyable to read about. They were all real feeling and funny. My complaint,  I didn't like that they all did EVERYTHING together. It gave off this corny sorority feel. The characters I did like were THE GUYS!!! Nik was hot, upfront, got what ya paid for, funny, and swoon worthy. I love that Belle writes interesting looking men. Not all grey eyes and sandy blonde hair. They're tattooed and aren't "perfect". Just love it. He's friends/family are Tricks, Asher, and Max. I really have no true complaints about any one of them. All were characters I wanted to hear more about. My favorite thing about the two main characters Tina and Nik was that SHE threw him in the friend-zone. I thought it was going to be the other way around and it wasn't which made for a sweet little surprise (no real spoiler there it happens pretty early on). 

I liked that their relationship started off truly as friendships do. Hanging out, going to lunches, going out for drinks, etc. etc. I liked watching them fall in love. I liked the way they fell in love. Their relationship growth was my favorite part of this book (besides Nik). 

Friend-Zoned is a book that for every positive thing I have to say about it there's also something negative I could point out. Still DON'T CARE... I read for pure enjoyment and this book kept me more than entertained... Loving it or hating it I was still never bothered by reading it. I find myself excited to buy the next book in this series. Friend-Zoned is far from a perfect book and I could careless.

 8/10 Stars

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Maybe Not (Maybe 1.5) by Colleen Hoover

When Warren has the opportunity to live with a female roommate, he instantly agrees and disagrees. Especially when  he finds out the new roommate is the cold and seemingly calculating bitch who happens to be hot. Tensions run high and tempers flare as the two can hardly stand to be in the same room together.

Maybe Not is the novella for Maybe Someday (Maybe 1.5). This book follows Warren, Ridges roommate, and Bridgette who is also their roommate. Warren was actually my favorite character in the first book and I was so happy to get a story from his pov. In the first book I was always wanting to hear more about him,  and felt we never got to truly meet him.

I absolutely loved being able to get inside his head. I love hearing all his cocky, comical, and real emotions. Getting to hear Bridgette's story was a breath of fresh air as well. Since all we really knew about her in book one was that shes was a super b. (Oh and I don't wanna forget that we find out what Warren's obsession with porn is all about and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the reason behind it! So freaking hilarious. Yeah, never thought those words would come out of my mouth.) Getting to see how their relationship got started before Sydney moved in made a few of those unanswered question from book one so crystal. The banter between the two is what makes this book so unstoppable. It's has the brass and balls most novellas can't seem to master. I can't thank Hoover enough for keeping Warren the same silly ass as he was in the first book. Just loved him so much! 

Getting to experience the relationship between Warren and Bridgette might just be the biggest treat I get all year! Their relationship truly is like no other and it had me falling hard. UGH words haven't been invented yet for how I feel about this book!!!

This is a quick, witty, and hilariously entertaining story. If it wouldn't have been for the ending of Maybe Someday, Maybe Not would be in a side by side tie. (Because you can't beat Someday's ending). I will say the ending to this book too was just so perfect! Can't stress how much I loved this book!!! 
I fell in love with you warren and I'm not sorry about it.

I wish this book would have been a full length novel... Who knows maybe well get more later. 

10/10 Right Asshole Stars 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A Tucker

Kacey Cleary’s whole life imploded four years ago in a drunk-driving accident. Now she’s working hard to bury the pieces left behind. Kacey just needs to keep it together until Livie is no longer a minor, and they no longer have to keep a low profile.
How to start... How to start... Ok so Ten Tiny Breaths follows the story of Kacey Cleary, a girl who is trying to get her life back on track after a traumatic accident. Shortly after which, her and her sister move to live with her aunt and uncle. After that fails they decided to run away and move to Florida. I was drawn too this story for two reasons... The cover and the ratings. Almost everyone I'm friends with on GRs gave it 4 stars or higher... Which I'm kind of confused about. 

The characters in this book are just above okay. That's it though, just okay. Kacey is our leading lady. From the start I didn't like her. I get she has this hard outer shell because of what happened to her, but her attitude was 90% of the time just too much. If anyone said hi to her she wanted to fight them. She automatically assumed every guy wanted to sleep with her. We get that you're a fiery red head and all but calm your tits. Just because a guy says good morning doesn't mean he wants to jump your bones. Seriously, she spends pages and pages talking about punching people in the face... WE GET IT YOU TOOK A FEW KICK BOXING CLASSES!!! Towards the middle of the story I started to like her a lot more, but by the end I was hating her again. The whole "don't hold my hand" thing was so pointless. It seemed like it was going to be important, but was dropped so early on. 

Livie, Kacey's sister, just barely formed as a sub character. At first when the story started from the way Kacey talked to her, to the way the author portrayed her, I assumed both girls were a lot younger. I thought Livie was idk 8, and Kacey 17. Turns out ones 15 and ones 20. (So that was awkward to discover.) Livie was BEYOND annoyingly naive. Then there's Storm and her daughter Mia. This is going to sound harsh since Mia's all little and cute but still could careless for her character. Storm was the only lady in this book I actually liked. She was the perfect blend of sassy and sarcastic. 

As far as males go there's only one you really need to know about, and that's Trent. Oh Trent where to start with you... Should I start with your sexy dimples? Should I start with your six pack abs? No, I think I'll start with the fact that your character was SO, SO predictable! That and the fact that all he has to do is smile at Kacey and her Vagina bust out her pants. I'm all for girls getting weak in the knees over a guy but this chick took it to the next level. She can barley walk the whole novel. Something serious happens between the two characters toward mid-end and all ya boy has to do is say "whoops my B" and Kacey is back in love with him. I wont say what it is, but trust me it would take more than a couple of lopsided dimple smiles to make me forgive him. I just didn't like his character. I wont lie I like guys that are moody bad boys. Trent tries to wear a wolf mask but turns out he was just a sheep. I don't want my guys just showing up thinking looking hot is enough... I want some kind of emotion from them, even if it's just because they have some crazy in their eyes. I JUST WANT SOMETHING!!! Trent is the character that makes Kacey start "returning to her old self" but I have no idea what was it about Trent which made her decide to let her guard down? He does nothing but stalk. (yeah I've found stalking hot in other tales, but not this one.) On top of all that this boy turned out to be some kind of super natural human... He can literately make a girl climax by just looking at them. Yeah couldn't make that part up if I tried.

As far as the plot went, it went slow. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen that would make my jaw drop, and it sadly never came. I figured out pretty early on what the "big reveal" was going to be. I was hoping there was going to be more to it and there wasn't. If someone didn't see it coming than I would naturally assume they had never read another ya/na novel before. The plot basically rinse, lather, repeats itself over and over again. The plot builds about as much as the story does... So yeah not at all. THE ONLY, ONLY thing I liked about this book was the meaning, and the way the phrase "Ten tiny breaths" was revealed. 

“Just breathe. Ten tiny breaths. Seize them. Feel them. Love them...”
The meaning behind it was BEAUTIFUL! And I applaud Tucker for giving us such a wonderful quote with a powerful meaning to back it up. But even that sweet little nugget couldn't save this story for me. Everything down to the ending of this book just didn't reach me. I found myself having to do the tiny breath routine just to get to the ending. I wish this book would have lived up it all the hype and constant recommendations I was getting on it. Sadly, to me, it was just boring. 

3.5/10 Stars

Monday, February 9, 2015

We Want Movies!!! Part 1

As book lovers we are in a constant battle of if we want a book to become a movie or if we don't... Honestly I'm pretty sure we just always want them to become movies we are just in a constant fear that if they do, they wont live up to the book (lets be real they almost never do). But there are so many books that we would just love to see play out on the big screen. Books that we know if they picked the perfect cast, stuck to the book, and had a strong director behind would make amazing films. These are a few of those books.
The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas 

After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom under the condition she acts as his champion in a competition to find the royal family an assassin. She must compete under an allies and battle against fellow criminals. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she'll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom. We would guess that fantasy isn't an easy genre to write... throw in magic, fight scenes, a love triangle and you think this book would fail. No, it shine in all areas. This is a series that has more than "so much going for it". Throne of Glass is a five star series. The picture on the left is a fan-made movie poster, and we know our top pick for Celena wouldn't be Amanda Seyfried. This is a book with such amazingly written characters. A plot that is non-stop, and features one of the strongest leading females we've ever had the pleasure of reading. A girl who kicks ass, takes names, delievers severed heads, and has a soft spot for shopping. 

The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkins 

Mara Dyer believes life can't get any stranger than waking up in a hospital after the crash of a building on her and her friends. She believes there must be more to the accident, but she can't seem to remember it. How can an accident kill them but leave her unharmed? With all that and more going on she doesn't believe that after everything she's been through, she can fall in love. She's wrong. The more we think about The Mara Dyer Trilogy the more it repeatedly blows our minds. They're are so many tiny tiny details that make this paranormal read one of the best. If all three could be made into a movie it would play out amazing on the big screen. There's nothing about this series that we don't like. The banter, one liners, twist, and plot give this story so many strong bones. I think we can all agree that we would love to see Noah Shaw on screen. The way this story was planned and laid out is amazing. The best thing this trilogy has going for it is that you will never know what to think... Is Mara a hero or is she an amazingly written villain?

The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi 

Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in exactly 264 days. The last time she did, it was an accident, but The Reestablishment locked her up for murder. No one knows why Juliette’s touch is fatal. The world is too busy trying to put itself back together to care what happens to the 17-year-old girl they threw into a cell. The world is falling to pieces. Now so many people are dead that the survivors are thinking the answer to their problems is war... and The Reestablishment might just be changing its mind about the young girl. Juliette has only two choices: Be a weapon. Or be a warrior. I can't decide of the three series on this post which one we would like to become a movie the most, but to me (Angela) I think the Shatter Me Series would be my pick. Since I'm a huge fan of X-men and this is like its sister story. The rights to this story have been bought, but then again we have that same worry we said above... Could the movie ever live up to the high standards the book set for us? Could they ever find someone who could completely encompass Warner? There are a lot of "WTF" moments that happen in this book, and it's on that you see playing out step by step in your head. With the perfect concept, to the unique writing style we know that with a solid lead this book could en-capture a movie unlike a lot of other ya books out there. Juliette is the definition of character developement. If a someone could just hand some amazing actors the book and tell them just to read out of that, and we were allowed to hear those wonderful poetic lines that Mafi gave us... wow this movie would be beyond phenomenal. That and for a million other reasons we hope this book becomes a movie one day.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Agree to Disagree

For the most part we have very similar book tastes. We like the same genres of books, we like the same kinds of characters, and we especially like the same kinds of endings. Every so often we will come across a book where we just have to agree to disagree. Usually one of us ends up LOVING it while the other ends up HATING it (because we have no emotions between OMG ALL OR OMG NOTHING). Here are a few of the books that we had this issue with... 

Vampire Academy (book one) by Richelle Mead
What Leah Loved: EVERYTHING! Oh my gosh, I love this series. Vampires are to me what aliens are to Angela, so a school full of hot angsty vampires is right up my alley. I love Rose and how feisty she is. She's a smart Alec and often gets herself into trouble because of her big mouth. Dmitri is HOT HOT HOT (btw I refuse to watch the movie because I have Ian Somerholder in my head as Dmitrti and I don't want to let bad casting ruin my view). I also really love the plot and how much drama there is. It's basically like reality tv meets vampires.

What Angela Hated: BORING!!!! I didn't like either of the main characters, Rose or Lissa. I hated the Dmitri. I will admit that I probably hated him more that I might have if I hadn't had seen the movie first... But sadly I did and I hate who they chose to play him... Which made me hate him in the book. Did I say I hated Rose?.. Because I really did. I hated the stroganoffs... The plot was predictable. I know everyone says that you have to get to like book three before it gets better but I just can't. I know that I'm in the minority with hating this, and that my sister would hate me for saying I didn't like it but IDC. I was hoping this book would make me fall for vampires, but I think it just made my hate-seed for them grow.

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

What Leah Loved: I think this book is basically the stereotypical dystopian YA book where girl has some sort of issue, government sucks, huge problem happens, falls for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and world domination is the goal to solving all the problems. I think this is why I liked it. The plot is simple, but there are a few plot twists (most you see coming, but whatevs) and the storyline is sort of unique. While the book isn't my favorite by any means, it is sort of a throwback to when YA really started getting popular and dystopian was a HUGE theme. I like the writing style, and I think it is a good starter book for people who are just getting into YA. I am excited for the second book to come out because I think the series has a lot of potential to get better as the story grows.

What Angela Hated: CAN MY ANSWER BE EVERYTHING??? Sadly Uninvented was SO predictable. I knew what was coming WAY before it would happen. I also felt a lack of "bonding" with any of the characters. I just really got tired of hearing Davy complain about how shes nothing now and has nothing and blah blah blah... WE GET IT... and with that attitude you're probably right about sucking so much.. like come on girly you're surrounded by buff dangerous boys stop crying and start living. Grab Sean by his face and kiss him... do something!!! YOU'RE ALREADY BRANDED BAD! DOESN'T MEAN YOU NEED TO BE BRANDED BORING TOO!!! UGH I think if the books romance would have played out better then I would have liked this book more. It's what really brought this book down. The other thing that bothered me was that EVERY single dude had rape eyes for Davy... like come on there are six other girls. Like everyone even her boo keep talking about how she's bound to be raped... All the boys see Davy and automatically must rape her! It was just a little much. I don't know; this book wasn't the worst book I've read but it wont be making the top of my list either. I just wanted more.

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkowski 

What Angela Loved:  I loved Kestrel! LOVED HER... She's quick witted and for once wasn't a girl who was all about being able to physically harm someone (most the time I like tough fighter girls but this was a wonderful change in pace). She actually used her brain! I loved Arin (The leading male). He sounded super hot. And I couldn't get over how much he was constantly surprising me. I liked the idea of buying something and then paying the ultimate price for it (hints the title of the book). I loved how the narrator was kind of all knowing and that you were just waiting for all the information and lies to come out. The twist and turns in this book had me gasping for air. AND THAT ENDING OMG!!!! THAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A-freaking-mazing!!!!!!!!! One of my favorites.

What Leah Hated: THE MAIN GIRL IS SO DUMB. She just is la la la la la la I'm in love and yolos all over the place and falls for everything everyone is telling her. The main dude is a D and lies all over the place. Seriously, he spits more lies than truth. BUT THE KICKER OF THIS BOOK IS THE ENDING. SERIOUSLY THE ENDING ALMOST ENDED OUR FRIENDSHIP BECAUSE WE INTERRUPTED IT DIFFERENTLY AND ALMOST GOT INTO A MORTAL COMBACT STYLE BATTLE OVER WHO WAS RIGHT. Luckily we actually got to meet the author and asked her WTF she meant at the end. I'll go ahead and admit that I was wrong. I WAS WRONG. I GET IT. BUT IT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT EVEN AFTER THE AUTHOR BROKE DOWN THE ENDING FOR ME IN WITTLE SMALL WORDS I STILL HATED IT.

RAW by

What Angela Loved: OK yes yes yes I get this story is FAR, FAR from anything that
would ever happen to anyone EVER... BUT I DON'T CARE!!!! I loved it!!! I've never thought stalking was so hot in my entire life!!!! BUT ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS STEPHEN JAMES AS TWITCH UGH!!!!! LOVE!!! and his candy eating habit whoooosh swoon. I can agree that the leading lady, Lexi, wasn't my favorite, but AGAIN DON'T CARE I JUST LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK. The banter between the two is amazing, and manipulative. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing he has going on was oddly super hot. He owns his evil and doesn't really care who sees it or when it happens. It was the right place right time read for me.  There's a big secret from the start that has you guessing left and right until she has tortured you enough and finally does the big reveal. Raw had so many twist and turns I didn't breathe the whole time I was reading it! One of my all time favorite books.

What Leah Hated: OMG don't even get me started on this book. I love a good scandy read and I love a good hottie who likes to get weird, but this book was JUST.TOO.MUCH. I mean, the scandy parts of it aren't even what bothers me. I just hated the characters. HATED. The main chick is supposedly this social worker who loves her job and is super dedicated to her kids, but as soon as she meets the main dude she loses her doggone mind. Doing blow and putting her kids in really really bad situations... I just... OMG. AH. The dude sounds hot, I'll give him that, but the way he acts goes beyond everything and goes straight into the abusive catogory. Do what you want in the bedroom. Get weird. I don't care, seriously.. but when you admit that you have an anger problem and start bringing your punching and strangling outside the bedroom. Seriously, dude, you need to take your crazy damaged self and do not pass go and head straight to therapy. I was SO mad reading this book that I literally almost ripped it in half and threw it against the wall. This is probably one of my all time most hated reads, if not THE most hated read. GROSS. AHHAGAREGASDFSDf

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stay With Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Calla hasn’t done a lot of things. She’s never been kissed, never seen the ocean, never gone to an amusement park. But growing up, she witnessed some things no child ever should. She still carries the physical and emotional scars of living with a strung-out mother. Calla now has to go back to the small town she thought she'd left behind and clean up her mom’s mess again. Instead of finding her mother she finds, six feet of hotness named Jackson James working as a bartender/Manager of her mother's bar.

Today marks a day that I thought would never come... Thought would never happen... Today is the day I read a Jla book and didn't love it.  

This book had me saying "What the F am I reading" at least once ever chapter.

We have my first issue and that's Calla,the tormented girl with the dark past. Then there's my second problem, Jax, the slore turned nice guy. And then there's my final issue, the whole plot line. Calla is boring, cliche, and uninteresting in every since of the word. She often describes herself as dumb, and I have to agree. I thought she was. Jax looks-wise is all you'll ever want in a man. He even comes with a sexy back story. But that's pretty much all I liked about him. That and he said "Honey" a lot, which I found oddly sexy. Besides that I didn't connect with either characters. Jennifer writes characters that time and time again I've fallen in love with, and if this was any other writer I would have given this book a lower ranting and thrown into my DNF file. Everything from the way they met, to the secrets that "build" their relationship was a big  turn off for me. Found it all rather tacky.

Jax from the start, though hot, is gross. He basically just short of pulls out his P on the girl and verbally assault her to get her into him. Yes he turns out to be more likeable by the end but not a whole like more. I think the whole "my face has a scar" thing with Calla was taken WAY to far! It was brought up, one too many times aka every two seconds. I also think I saw someone say that it was too highlighted that Calla must look like this blushing virgin, and I think that description hits the nail on the head. She is this super good girl whose never done anything with her life. Ya girls never even eaten pie... Like come on B they sell that at publix and I know you work near a Walmart and there's not a single one of those that isn't a super store now... Go to the Deli section and get yourself a pie and stop crying!

Then there's the intro of these random characters that are even more pointless than this plot line. Aimee, Jax sorta Ex, only exists to make Calla jealous, me angry, and as a failed attempt at a plot twist. There are with that plot twist other failed plot twist, THAT YOU WILL SEE COMING FROM A MILE AWAY!!!! The whole story is a bunch of thrown together small stories, that try to build this bigger crazy story, but then falls flat on it's face. Also sidenote: there was no real point in her mom, you really could have completely erased any and everything about her and the story would have held up the same. Everything about this story to me just didn't play out well. Jla has finally let me down, and it freaking sucks!

This is the book I'm just going to straight pretend Jla didn't write. If someone mentions it I'm going to play Calla and be super clueless and naive. I'm all up for girls relying somewhat on a man (IN STORIES!!!) but when all is said and done I like my leading ladies standing on their own two feet with no one holding them up. Calla could have been this character, but instead needed the semi stalker Jax to do her work for her. Sigh just Sigh.

3/10 Stars