Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Never Stop Falling by Ashley Drew

Corinne never expected to fall for her best friends. Nick though has always been waiting for her.

"... the ugly side is unavoidable. Someone will get hurt. Ain't nothing you can do about it. But I'll tell ya, once you're out of the ugly stuff, it's so damn beautiful."

This book is deadly... Okay, maybe not deadly but it did give me a nasty burn and made me lose a piece of my hair... But I'll get to that in a few.

I was sent a copy of Never Stop Falling from Ashley Drew... Every time I get a book for review, no matter if it's a physical copy or an Epub I always do the same thing, I pick it up and read the first few pages. Doesn't matter if I plan on reading it tomorrow or in two months I always read a little bit so I can at least start to feel it out. When I picked up NSF I had the same plan. I would read the first few pages set it down and return to the book I was actually actively reading... Well next thing you know I was on page 20... then 50... then 100... then I was done. I just couldn't seem to stay away from this book. It has been a very long time since I've read a book in one sitting. 

NSF follows Cori and Nicholas two people who have been best friends since they were kids. These two were inseparable, spending years getting to know each others ins and outs, but never crossing the romantic line... This is until one night changed everything. Things happen so fast and without saying too much the two end up apart from one another. Cori and Nick are both very similar while remaining so different. Cori was always the spontaneous one looking for a good time while Nick always remained cautious. It is amazing to see these two grow up and become something so different. When Cori was first introduced I thought her whole "I'm wild and crazy-lets jump off stuff-flips hair" attitude was going to get old quick. Trust me when I say that this persona she has up doesn't last long and you'll end up liking her. Nick however was a character I liked from the get go. I didn't care that he was a little more reserved at first, it just made grown up-balls to the wall-confident Nick so much more enjoyable. Getting to see these twos relationship mature as they did made the story so gripping. These two characters have so much going for them when they are together, but it's very rare that couples in NA books also stand on their own well... Cori and Nick didn't have this issue. Drew manages to weave sweet moments with comical relief. Loved everything from the moments where Nick is lightly talking about Cori to Cori getting a little too tipsy on a night out.

The plot of this book is just as great! I love when stories just dive right into things and that's what this novel does. It gets right down to the love dovey goodness and keeps that momentum up throughout. There were two times in this book where things could have gone down a very predictable very mundane path (and that's where I thought they were headed) when pleasantly they didn't. Both times I was surprised by the direction Drew decided to take it. When I got mid book I was so pulled into this story that I couldn't put it down for a second. I ended up downloading it on my phone and decided to take it with me while getting ready... This is where the intro comes into play... I was so deep into reading this that I figured I would just do my hair while reading it... next thing you know I had one of those "is something burning" moments and my hair was all crispy and I was flapping the curling wand around... So worth it though.

Never Stop Falling is an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. It's emotional highs and lows will pull you in and you wont want to stop till you know how it ends. This might be weird to say, but this book feels like an amazing on the go read... a book that you would cherish while chilling in an airport or something you could soak up while sitting in a Starbucks. Just so light, fluffy, and fun. It was like the The Notebook and Remember Me mixed with Before We Were Strangers and Kaleidoscope Hearts. All the heart stop moments you loved from those you'll get presented to you in a new and fresh read.  

To be plain and simple this novel stole my heart. A beautiful read that feels so true to life. Between the compelling writing style Drew has to the well-developed characters I never really stood a chance. Thankful to be given a chance to read this.

10/10 Stars