Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

This is Rainbow Rowell's new tiny book, rocking just around 100 pages. Even though it is one of her shortest, it's also the highest I've ever rated one of her books. This makes me terribly sad because I wish it would have been longer.

Elena loves Star Wars, so when the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to release soon she knows she's going to camp out days in advance to get the full experience. When she arrives to wait in line days early she didn't expect to be one of only three people waiting in line. Elena is stuck in line with Gabe, the boy who takes some time warming up, and Troy, a line waiting veteran and a man who isn't ashamed of his game. Kindred Spirits follows Elena's time waiting in line all leading up to the movies premiere.

This book is adorable, funny, and very cute. Elena's character is realistic and diverse. I really enjoyed her go-getter attitude. Everything about her was likable. She is a "popular" girl in school, and her friends don't seem to understand her love for Star Wars and how it reminds her of better times. Gabe was so stinking cute! He was my favorite part of Kindred Spirits. Loved that his character was able to build so much in such a short amount of time. Troy, though he is what I would consider a secondary character, was definitely what brought the comic relief to the story.

As far as the plot went, it's what kept me from giving this a higher rating. The plot was just a little simple. I felt like there use of time wasn't used to the best of its ability. I think more oompf could have been brought to the moments of downtime. I know the story is all about just waiting in line, but just felt like there was something ultimately missing. However, I did freaking love the ending. I was reading this at work, and when I got to the last few pages I just couldn't stop laughing. That ending was perfection.

9/10 Stars