Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

I'm sure by now all of you know what Romeo and Juliet is about but if not here's a little synopsis.

Romeo and Juliet is the classic tragedy about two teens from different feuding houses that fall in love. The two met at a party that Juliet's family is throwing. Romeo is talked into going because he is depressed about his breakup... You know what I'm just gonna copy an paste from wiki.

"The play Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare early in his career about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. It was among Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime and, along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays. Today, the title characters are regarded as archetypal young lovers."

That's everything I was basically trying to say just summed up more eloquently. If you haven't guessed it by now I just watched the movie on Netflix... Which lead me to re-reading the book... Which then lead me to doing this ridiculous mash up of a movie-book review. I keep referring to this as the"new" Romeo and Juliet movie but it's been out for quite some time. Yes I'm referring to the one with Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld.

Ha watching this movie was such a good idea; one of my best. First off all I could think about the whole time I was reading it was Douglas Booth staring at me like this:

While he told me I smelled like roses and was the sun... (accidentally saved this picture as Romeow and I'm laughing so much harder than I should be about it)

So the whole time I'm reading this I'm dying!!!! I don't know if yall have seen the movie or not, but Douglas Booth does a butt ton of running in it and good lord!!!! It is hilarious. He swings his arms a lot and his wrist are flapping around. So anytime there was an action scene in it I couldn't take it seriously. (If a gif or video of Douglas Booth running isn't a thing that's been made someone please for the love of the internet make it!)

Since I know everyone and there mom (literately) has read this book I'm just gonna give you a quick run down of everything that happens in it and the movie... *alarm sounds* Spoiler alert!!! Yes that was meant sarcastically... Romeo meets Juliet and is instantly like BAM "I need to wife that girl up", and Juliet is all like "I need to be wifed up" so these two star-crossed love birds embark on a super secret love affair. After getting married shit starts hitting the fan and drama is thrown all over the place. This resulting in 6 deaths, a marriage only lasting a vast 3 days, and a botched suicide plan that actually turns into suicide! *gasp* Plot twist!! Am I right?!?! 

Oh and I gotta mention this little sidenote: in the movie Juilet's mom is rocking this sick rat-tail look so anytime she comes into play in the book I can only imagine her with her rat-tail up do. The movie sticks really close with the book following the same timeline and plot. This as an avid reader makes me happy. Movie wise I do prefer the Leo D version, but hey that's just me... Ha, okay who am I kidding. I mean how can you not. Leo D is a fine wine and that version is so bad good. Both the book and the movie have a ton of action, fighting, and scandal. All these things blended together made me really enjoy re-reading this. Yes, Romeo and Juliet story now-a-days might be laughed at and not seen for what it really is. Yeah, Juliet is WAY too young to be taking this stud into her room. Even if he is a chiseled jawed brit with great hands. And I'm pretty sure this book (maybe) invented insta-love, but hell I don't even care.

I had a ton of fun re-reading this twisted tale of death and desire. It's why I figured I write a little something something about it. It seriously gives us so much hope. When Romeo sees Juliet wake up, then is so happy, and forgets that he just drank poison; we for a split second too believe in love at first site... Then when he realizes what he's done and our world shatters. Shakespeare crushes our spirits and takes it all away! Then to top it all off Juliet is like "ehhhh I'm gonna die now too". Little girl you DAF, but stabbing yourself is the boss way to go out. At least you didn't go the sissy way like yo man did. Hmmmm it's all pretty brilliant if you ask me. I mean it's pretty crystal that Shakespeare ripped off Nicholas Sparks and Stephanie Meyer! Am I riiiiight or what!?..

(after I wrote this review and posted it on goodreads I was scrolling through when I saw someone else say almost this same sentence... This is the greatest most amazing review ever written in the history of reviews so I had to put the link in here for it. click here for the worlds most bizarre review I think I've ever seen. I want this guy to write the book he describes.)

Watching this movie was so bad that it made reading the book even better. Romeo and Juliet gives us everything we both hate and love in books. Insta-forbidden-love, quotable moments, something that makes us questions our morals, death, soap-opera like drama that all starts out at a sweet dance party. Ahhhh ta be young and in luv. Wow none of this review made any sense.

Movie rating-would be 4/10 but the sexy centipede face thing that Doug has going on bumps it up to a 6/10
Book rating- 9/10