Thursday, October 1, 2015

Angela's September Wrap-Up

Amber to Ashes- Gail McHugh
Queen of Shadows- Sarah J. Maas
Darken the Stars- Amy A. Bartol
Thicker Than Blood- Madeline Sheehan
The Devil's Dreamcatcher- Donna Hoise
Saga Volume 5- Brian Vaughn
Everything Everything- Nicola Yoon
The Paper Swan- Leylah Attar
Until Friday Night- Abbi Glines
Dark Wild Night- Christina Lauren
Illuminae- Amie Kaufman
Sleepless- Cyn Balog
East of West Volume 1- Jonathan Hickman
East of West Volume 2- Jonathan Hickman
Suicide Squad Volume 1- Adam Glass
The White Rose- Amy Ewing 

September has come and gone and all I have to say is... THANK GOD!!!!! I was super busy life wise and it did take away a lot from my reading. I might have done alright number wise, but I definitely feel a slump coming.

I'm just going to jump right into things...
My top picks this month are:  
Queen of Shadows, Darken the Stars, and Dark Wild Night. Queen of Shadows... Just OMG. It was crazy... Crazy amazing!!! Being the 4th book in the series I feared it was going to be a bit of a filler book, but Maas didn't disappoint. Darken the Stars was another book I feared wouldn't live up to the hype I had built in my head, again was so happy when it surpassed my expectations. Then we have Dark Wild Nights which I think of everything I read this month would be my number one.Writing duo Christina Lauren have never let me down, and in DWN they blew my mind again. They gave me a smutty, funny, sweet read, with guy who doesn't suffer from "dick turn nice guy syndrome", who happens to own a comic book store as a lead! So yeah, basically everything you've ever wanted ina man they gave me in this book. Insanely good. LOVED LOVED LOVED it... I actually can safely say that about all three of these novels.  

My fails are:
Thicker Than Blood, The Devil's Dreamcatcher, and The White Rose. Thicker Than Blood was a case of mistaken identity. Thought it was going to be about a love triangle, but turned out to be about zombies. So yeah that happened. Then The Devil's Dreamcatcher was a book I was so excited about. I loved The Devil's Intern so freaking much! It even made my top five summer reads... For some reason though I just couldn't get into this one as much as I did the first. Lastly The White Rose. I really didn't love The first one (The Jewel) that much, but when Damaris from Good Choice Reading sent me an Arc of this I figured I'd give it a try... Mistake. This book was BORING!!! I ended up Dnf-ing it. When I think about it it might be what put me in such a funky mood...

I plan on knocking out some heavy reading the first weeks of October because Leah and I will be doing some events and traveling! Praying to the book Gods that my reading will be even better then. Doesn't hurt that I have a HUGE book hail coming in. So much for my book buying ban!

Well were off to see an early screening of The Martian so see yall soon!