Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nerve Movie Review

If you know me you know how I feel about the book version of Nerve... If you don't click here to hear me rant and pick apart this book and all if awfulness. However, Lindsey and I just left the theater where we spent the last hour 40 minutes expecting to leave and do the same thing with the film. Let me breakdown for you what actually happened.

Okay, so Nerve is about a live action truth or dare game (minus the truth part). Where people can sign up to be either players or watchers. As you might have guessed the watchers pay to watch and film from a distance while remaining anonymous and the players perform the dares for cash prizes. After a Vee (Emma Roberts) gets passed over by the guy she's crushing on in school, and her friends basically tell her she's a wet blanket she goes home and signs up to be a player on Nerve. This is the first great change the movie had to offer. Vee might be "the wet blanket" of her friend group but at least she was no longer the whiny annoying one like she was in the book. They also changed the personalities best friends Sydney and Tommy as well, giving both of them a lot more character than in the book. Sydney is more than just a casual Nerve user in the movie and having her and Vee battle it out made their friendship oddly more real. Also thought the actor who played Tommy was stinking adorable... Even though for the longest time watching I thought he was the guy from Bates Motel and Sydney was Debbie Ryan from Disney channel... spoiler alert their not lol. Oh Oh! and before I forget there are appearances from our favorite prison power couple! Soso and Poussey! Anyways, after Vee enters the game of Nerve her first challenge ends up getting her tangled up with Ian (Dave Franco). Let be real though who doesn't have a complete crush on Emma Roberts or Dave Franco?!?! I know I do, so seeing these two together just made both of them even more adorable! Which I didn't even think was possible! I wont lie though, I was a little nervous about the two of them having on screen chemistry. This isn't an issue though. The two are great together and the relationship never feels forced or phony. Both Vee and Ian's character were interesting, charismatic, comical, and the writers did an amazing job taking them from how they were in the book and making them into fun on screen characters. After the two are introduced they go on a wild and crazy night full of dares and shenanigans! The dares they perform are 100% different than they were in the book, and I was beyond ecstatic about this!

The dares ended up being more interesting, daring, and intense than the book. While I was reading the book my main complaint was that the dares were lame! The movie they went from dares that had me laughing to ones that had me on the edge of my seat! There's a whole shopping scene with Vee and Ian that had me laughing so hard, blushing, and having me feel like I was there playing Nerve with them. Which made the movie more enjoyable to watch. Feel the whole film was a lot more put together than the book was.The start of the movie is cute, the middle is fun and wild, and the ending though predictable is still alright.

I got what I was really hoping to get out of this book becoming a film. I wanted something that took a book I hated and would turn it into a movie I would have a fun time watching. I'm not going to lie and say this is the best book to screen film ever, but I had a good time watching it. I went to see something entertaining and leave happy. The book was boring, sloppy, weird and full of moments that had me rolling my eyes. The movie was entertaining, fun, silly, and a little out there, but still a good time. The big changes the directors and writers decided to take really paid off. Also the complete change of the middle and ending were a good call on their parts. Nerve is a perfect summer flick if  you're just looking to get what you paid for. You'll go into this for the most part, knowing what you're going to get out of it, and for Nerve that works.

 7.5-8/10 Stars 

I asked Lindsey what she would have rated this film too. She gives it 
7/10 Stars