Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Force of Gravity by Kelly Stevenson

Kaley Kennedy's life seems perfect: perfect parents, perfect friends, perfect boyfriends. Everything is going according to plan and with only a few months left before school ends nothing seems like it could go wrong... However, when a new gorgeous math teacher takes over things could get a little unpredictable.

Okay first off we can add this book to the list of my favorite titles, and to my list of books I cover-lust. Those might be the two things that drew me into this book, but it wasn't the reason I stayed around. What hooked me in was how this book was purely, oh so entertaining. I've been in one of the worst reading slumps ever, and this brought me right out of it! Just going to jump right into things...

When it came to Force's main character Kaley there was something that would usually bother me about her, but somehow ended up working in her favor. Kaley was an emotional lead, and I like my leading ladies to be human, but I also don't like when girls are big criers... Ok that might sound like a little much. She isn't balling on every page or anything she just going through so much, but her emotions and how much she really felt everything helped throw me fully into the story.  I felt she acted, reacted, and processed things like an eighteen year old girl would which gave this story, and her character and authentic feel. The best part about Kaley though, was her humor. She would sprinkle little one liners and they would have me rolling! I think she's funny, personable, and overall an enjoyable character to read. Then there's Mr. Slate (Elijah)... I had no problem at all liking him. As soon as he was introduced I knew I was going to be hooked. While Kaley is dropping her little one liners Elijah is never short behind to say something as equally adorable and witty. Their relationship too, yall I loved everything about it. Think some people will read this book and think these two are just physically attracted to one another, not emotionally attracted... and for those of you that you can get out of town!! because you missed the point. I even liked most of the side characters. They were another thing I was completely surprised by. I usually like my side characters to be closer to main characters than side ones, but in this case they all fit perfectly where they were.

When it came to the plot and pacing I was beyond happy. The pacing was so perfect I found myself waiting for the moments where I could sit in peace and read this. The way the events in this story played out felt realistic and were perfectly timed. Even with this book leaning closer to insta love and built on a lot of "build-up" I never felt like the story or romance were rushed. I'm not one of those readers who feeds off of a building romance, I'm completely content with things going down right away... If you know what I mean *wiggles eyebrows*, but I was feeding off this build up!!!

I love that Kelly Stevenson took a taboo idea and just went 100% for it! Reading The Force of Gravity is kind of like when you find a new favorite make-up item... A part of you wants to shout to the world how amazing it is, but another part doesn't want to tell a soul so you can keep it all to yourself!!! That reason might be why my review is shorter than usual. There's just so much I want to say, but so much I want to keep secret! (Also really sorry if this review is rushed or jumbled! I'm jacked up on caffeine and am so excited to write this review!)

Finding out that The Force of Gravity is going to be a series and not just a stand-alone completely made my year! This book is perfect for fans of forbidden student/teacher romances or for readers who enjoyed Unteachable by Leah Reader. I also think this would make the perfect winter read.

10/10 Stars