Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friend-zoned by Belle Aurora

Nik Leokov never thought he'd fall for the only girl he's ever befriended. Tina Tomic has issues with
commitment after the ultimate betrayal.When Tina decides to make Nik's day better, she never thought she would end up friends with him. Nik isn't use to women wanting to be around him without expecting something in return.

I'm finding it hard to explain how I feel about Friend-Zoned... Did I like it? Did I hate it? Guess the answer is yes to both.

I usually start off with talking about characters but I think I'll mix it up and go with the plot first. The plot is strong and well written. I never felt like there were odd gaps or parts that just didn't make sense. It was a good blend of both action and humor. Predictable? Yes. Did I care..? Nope. From start to end the flow is good. But like I said, I was never once surprised by anything that happened. With that being said I feel I also need to point out that this book is sharp cheddar. IT IS SO CHEESE!!!! Again, did I care? NOPE! Still found myself super entertained. Towards end when the whole "con" scene happens I thought the book got a little carried away but that's my only real plot complaint.

On to the characters... First our leading lady, Tina. Tina isn't my favorite girl. I liked her passion for work and fashion, but hated the way she talked. She's suppose to be 28 (??? I think 28 is right) but sometimes she talked like she was 14. A few times I wanted to reach in the book and punch her in the throat and tell her to use real words. BUT overall she's a fine character, just not my favorite. Her friends/co-workers; Mimi, Lola, and Nat were enjoyable to read about. They were all real feeling and funny. My complaint,  I didn't like that they all did EVERYTHING together. It gave off this corny sorority feel. The characters I did like were THE GUYS!!! Nik was hot, upfront, got what ya paid for, funny, and swoon worthy. I love that Belle writes interesting looking men. Not all grey eyes and sandy blonde hair. They're tattooed and aren't "perfect". Just love it. He's friends/family are Tricks, Asher, and Max. I really have no true complaints about any one of them. All were characters I wanted to hear more about. My favorite thing about the two main characters Tina and Nik was that SHE threw him in the friend-zone. I thought it was going to be the other way around and it wasn't which made for a sweet little surprise (no real spoiler there it happens pretty early on). 

I liked that their relationship started off truly as friendships do. Hanging out, going to lunches, going out for drinks, etc. etc. I liked watching them fall in love. I liked the way they fell in love. Their relationship growth was my favorite part of this book (besides Nik). 

Friend-Zoned is a book that for every positive thing I have to say about it there's also something negative I could point out. Still DON'T CARE... I read for pure enjoyment and this book kept me more than entertained... Loving it or hating it I was still never bothered by reading it. I find myself excited to buy the next book in this series. Friend-Zoned is far from a perfect book and I could careless.

 8/10 Stars