Monday, June 1, 2015

Easy by Tammara Webber

When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college, the last thing she expects is a breakup two months into their sophomore year. After two weeks of being sad and a hermit she wakes up to her new reality... That this really wasn't how she wanted her life to go, but she needs to pick up the pieces and move forward.
So I was told that this book was a lot like Beautiful Disaster... Hmmmm no because it didn't suck. So thanks for almost making me not read this book (you know who you are!).

When I first started reading this I was a little underwhelmed. We have our gloomy leading lady Jackie, who is being all gloomy because she gets dumped by her long time boyfriend, and then almost gets raped at a Halloween party... (Insert leading male rescuer here) When Lucas stop the attack from happening. After this scene all I could think was "Oh its gonna be one of these reads, sigh". I'm sure you all get what I'm referring to and if you don't then you probably don't read enough Ya... Anyways after Lucas rescues her we start actually getting into the story and characters. Jackie is a pretty average character. I only liked her to a certain degree, but I found myself never fully being engaged with her character. Some of her choices through out the story were a little ehhhh in my opinion... Like willing going to places she knew her attacker would be. Also with a lot of situations she was put in I didn't get why she was so compelled to just cave in and go along with things.

Lucas however I favored a little more. I particularly like that he wasn't the typical looking male ya dude. I overall have no true negative to mention about him. The only thing I have to say about him is sometimes I felt like he became a little too convenient... Having him have so many jobs was really unrealistic. Like there aren't enough hours in the day, or week for you two have 10 jobs, tutor kids, volunteer with a womens self defense calls, and go to school! Just can't happen, and sometimes he was doing all those things in one day. BUT, I like his presence and the way he fit into the story. His background story was something I would usually complain about, but how Webber put it into the book actually had me liking it. For the most part I really enjoyed him.

The plot is a little scattered and at some points does feel a little rushed. However I really liked this book and the way the story turned out. I liked that the plot focused a lot on women standing up, banding together, and learning to stand on their own. The best part of not just the plot but with the story was that it did have a very addictive pull to it. I found myself wanting to come back to it after having to set it down, and wanting to know where it was headed.

Even with a few small fumbles, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I might be a little late to jump on this wagon, but better late than never right?.. Easy wasn't my favorite read but it wasn't a book I felt I suffered though. If you're looking for a fun, quick read, with a good amount of romance this book might just be for you.

7.5/10 Stars