Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Angela's June Wrap-Up

Broken Juliet- Leisa Rayven
Because of Low- Abbi Glines
While it Last- Abbi Glines 
After We Collided- Anna Todd
After We Fell- Anna Todd
After Ever Happy- Anna Todd
Velvet- Temple West
Stargazing at Noon- Amanda Torroni
Hunted- Abi Ketner and

Renee Ahdieh
A Song of Ice and Fire- George R.R. Martin

I'm actually really surprised by the number of books I managed to read in June. If you follow me on any social media then you know that I've spent most of June ridiculously sick. So, I spent a majority of my time trying to sleep and watching Criminal Minds marathons. Just didn't have the energy to do anything else even read... So yeah that's how you know I was really sick. The only good thing that came out of only reading a select few books this month was that it left very little room for suck. 

My June favorites were After Ever Happy, The Martian, and The Wrath and the Dawn. Still kind of freaks me out every time I say I like The After Series, and that After Ever Happy makes the top of any kind of list I have... but I don't care. Of all Anna Todd's books After Ever Happy was my favorite and I loved how it tied up and ended the series. The addictive qualities her books have overshadow anything negative I would have to say. The Martian was another book that had something so addictive about it. The writing style and main character were written to perfection. A science fiction book that could easily fall into so many other genres. So excited to see this one play out on the big screen. The Wrath and the Dawn is hands-down my top pick for June. Such an amazing re-telling and unique book that added something new to the ever growing Ya scene. It was an absolutely breathtaking read. I still can't get over the hook that really draws you in... A king marries a different girl every day then the following dawn kills her. Such a brilliant idea! This is a 2015 and summer must read.
 As far as picking my June fails, like I said above I really don't have any. There was only one book that I wish I would have gotten more out of, and that was Because of Low. I found the relationship between the two main characters a little unbelievable. That being said I still really enjoyed the book. I just felt it was a little rushed and could have played out a little different. Plus it was rather predictable. I honestly only read it so I could get more background story before reading While it Last, since it's becoming a movie next year.Good call on my part. That's basically it. Sorry I don't have more for you this month but hopefully I'll kick this extreme chest infection and we able to tackle everything I have planned in July.