Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ugly People Beautiful Hearts by Marlen Komar

I was contacted by Marlen and asked to review her poetry book Ugly People Beautiful Hearts. I love poetry and when I was asked I realized that this is the first time someone has asked me to review a poetry book of theirs before. After reading UPBH  I'm glad that this was the first one.

I'm going to start off with the most obvious thing about it... The cover; it's amazing! So once I got a glance at it I knew I needed to take some time out of my hectic reading schedule to squeeze this in. The wonderful thing about this book was that it was the perfect break between the longer novels I've been reading lately. This book was the perfect light between read. And don't think that just because I said it's a light between read that it wont make you feel. Marlen's poems are lovely and are ones you can tell she puts every piece of herself into. UGBH  shows you the stages of falling both in and out of love, and all the stages in between. The highs and lows and all those moments where there's not just one perfect word yet invented to describe them.

There were so many lyrical and deep messages for you discover in each poem. I think a lot of people have this preconceived idea that all poetry has to be written in one way. That it must flow a current way and rhythm a current way. I like that Marlen breaks away from the typical. I did personally like the shorter length poetry over the longer ones, because I feel more when an author can say so much by using so little words.

My personal favorite was Come, Quick 

"You know that moment right after the day fades but right before the moon takes over? That half of a half of a quarter of a moment where the earth is suspended in a blank space? Where the silence is so quiet that it hums?

That's where I wait for you." 

It reminded me of Peter Pan meets Like Crazy

I think if you can take away one thing from poetry, even if it was just one single poem that moves you than the poet did their job. I believe that Ugly People Beautiful Hearts is a book that everyone can and will take something away from it.

8/10 Stars