Saturday, July 11, 2015

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

When MacKayla's sister is murdered she ventures to Ireland in search for answers. The quest to find her sister’s  leads her down a path she never expected and is soon faced with an even greater challenge: staying alive long enough to learn what's going on and figuring out what she is. 

So rather late than never, right?? I've put off reading this series for a while, and I figured since I've been getting deeper into longer series lately and with the 7th book coming out this year that I would finally pick this up and get into it. That being said I'm going too have to be honest... I'm having a little bit of mixed feels about this. My rating might be a little higher than what I think it actually should be, BUT I have a reason for it. The reason? It's addictive and the writing style is something in it's own.

As always I'll talk about our characters first. Our two leads are MacKayla Lane (aka Mac) and Jericho Barrions. I was really surprised by these two characters. First off I thought I was going to hate Mac, because lets me honest her name is dumb, but I actually really liked her. She was witty, funny, and spoke to her age. My favorite thing about her was that she was "average". Besides the obvious "powers" she has she spoke and thought to someone who was twenty-two. I liked that she wants and average life and really isn't looking to be some special star. Also her loyalty to her sister was a massive plus. Next we have Jericho, who everyone made out to be the biggest heartthrob in history... And sadly I was a little disappointed in his character. Though I did enjoy the mystery surrounding him, I also felt like we get very little out of him. Until the last few chapters I didn't think he was really anything to write home about (those last like two chapter though, swoon). I just don't know if I'm in love with this fictional mystery guy just yet. I hear as the series goes on and more surfaces about these characters that people fall more in love with them.

Without giving away anything too revealing about the plot line Mac is basically pulled into a whole new world. A place where objects hold dark powers, murders are a normally un-blinked at event, and  people alive and dead have powers beyond belief. Though this might make the tale out to sound really gripping there are only a handful of action packed moments. My belief is that this book really is setting up the others to be over the top with "omg" moments. This is a snowball of a book. At first starting slow and then working it's way to a really interesting and cliffhanging ending. I will warn the first half this book, though interesting, isn't as action packed as the last half. The characters are interesting along with the story line. If it wasn't for Moning's writing and verbiage I might not have given this novel the rating I did. However, the way she presents even the most random and odd events won me over (seriously, there are a few moments I was so thrown off by what was happening, and really had to scratch my head). Another thing I have to confess is I thought that this book was going to be a lot more smutty than it was, and it wasn't. I'm still confused as to why it was in the romance section because I feel it is way heavier in the paranormal/fantasy room than it is in romance. I feel this series is setting up to be epic.

Am I looking forward to reading the rest of this series? Yes. Am I completely sold on it... 

8/10 Stars