Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Layla has a big problem. A Lilin is running around topside wreaking havoc all around her. That's only one of her problems. Being torn between two worlds and two boys causes some issues as well. 

It's been a long time since I've gotten behind the wheel of a Jla book, and it's been a long time since I devoured a book this fast. Started it at 3 finished it at five. Every Last Breath is the third and final book in the Dark Elements Trilogy, if you haven't read the first two please do not pass go and do not pick up two-hundred dollars. GO BACK NOW AND READ THE FIRST TWO!!!! Every Last Breath does not let down.

As much as I want to load this review with spoils that would turn you rotten I wont.
ELB picks up right where Stone Cold Touch left off. The Lilin is still out and causing chaos. Layla is still confused about what she is. And of course we are still waiting on the answer of who the hell does Layla pick. Gargoyle Zayne or Crown Prince of the Under World Roth... I like everyone else mainly was waiting to find out which dude she be choosin. Clearly being team Roth I was on the edge of my seating waiting for the moment when the big question was answered... And boy do we get an answer. No I wont tell you what happens... I will give you (of course) a run-down of what I thought.

Layla is still one of my favorite Fems and brings the thunder in this book. Finally putting on her big girl panties I was so happy with her character development. She goes from a strong physical character, to a strong emotional character. She starts making decisions and realizes becoming an adult means having to make tough choices, but you have to make them. Good or bad outcome it must be done. Then we have sweet sweet Zayne. Who again continues to be a strong male presence and someone you want to cheer for... Even if deep down inside, in this case, you'll want the nice guy to finish last... sorry. I overall liked his character in this book, even though at one point I did think the direction something was taken was a little cheese. On to Roth... HOLY HOT DEMON BABIES EVERYWHERE ROTH... WHOOSH... SWOON! I'd walk through hell for his hottie! He blew my mind in this book. Didn't think it was possible for him to get any better, but yup WRONG. Every time he was present I had to make sure I was sitting down; just got so weak in the knees. If getting pregnant by reading was possible... Well I wouldn't need Maury to tell me that Roth IS the father.

"And my desire for you increases every waking second in a way that should frighten me, but really just excites me. But most of all, I love you... Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow, a hundred decades from now, I will still be in love with you..."

I thought Layla had a lot of growth, but she has nothing on Roth. I will give this tiny bit of information... There is a drunk Roth scene and oh Lord did I love it!!! He was on my list of favorite fictional guys but has definitely moved up. On too my favorite topic when it comes to Jla books.
Yes, her side characters! Jla write some of my favorite side characters. Doesn't matter how big or small their rolls are I always love them. My two favorites hands down were Tony the seer who happens to require you to bring him dinner when you visit and Cayman, Roth's right hand man. Both had my sides splitting! Especially Cayman. I didn't remember loving him so much Stone Cold Touch, but he loved him so much in Every Last Breath. Every sarcastic sentence that oozed from his mouth was perfection. Every character in this book is so easily liked.

The plot of this book went very different than I thought. It was a lot heavier on the smushy romance (no this isn't a complaint) and saved a lot of the action for the last half of this book. Knowing this was surrounding a love triangle I knew there was going to be a lot of smutty goodness but had no idea what I was in for!  I was actually happy with how this played out, because I wont lie I was worried. I think if anyone else besides Jla would have attempted to do such heavy romance and hold off on the action till the end it might not have played out as well. When the action does come, though a tiny bit predictable, still hit home and cuts deep. I again wont lie, though I wanted action, that wasn't why I choose this book. I choose it because I knew it was going to be a fun, hilarious, romantic read, with a well written triangle. Going into it wanting that and then getting it has me left completely stratified with the ending to this wondering and different paranormal trilogy. I highly recommend this series. Was getting in a bit of a slump and as usual Jennifer pulled me right back out. This was the perfect summer romance read.

10/10 Stars 

if you see thie and think... Ew this is cheese... stop right there. Jla might be the Queen of bad covers, but she has all right too be when she constantly crushes books.