Sunday, July 26, 2015

HIDE: Omnibus by Jax Spenser

When Keegan finally gets away from his brutal mother on his sixteenth birthday/ Things should get better but turn bizarre when his father picks up a hitchhiker in the desert. 

When I was contacted by Jax to read this novel I was really excited because... well obviously, Aliens. I was also really interested in it because I liked that it was a bind-up of a five part series. When this book arrived I was so happy with the way it looked (if you're an avid reader than you'll get what I'm saying). It's that shiny, thick spine, glossy style a lot of indie authors use, and it's personally one of my favorite styles. Also loved the cover art on both the bind-up and of the individuals. That aside, on to the actual review.

Omnibus is a bind-up of: Untethered, Singularity, Coherence, Freefall, and Redshift. All following sixteen-year-old Keegan Roe. Keegan suffers from blackouts and from a rough up bringing. After a turn of events he ends up with his father on a trip that ends up somewhere they didn't plan. 

This could be your last memory...

I love reading stories from a males point of view so again this added on too the reasons I was happy to read this. I wont lie however, I did have a little bit of a love hate relationship with Keegan. When I read the first two parts he got a little on my nerves. By part five I did end up liking him. I think I was just waiting for that moment when he finally grew a pair and just did something kick ass... Really wanted him to take control of his destiny. He does have a great deal of character development, but never exactly hit the mark I was hoping for. Hoping that when we get more into the story and when we get a part 6-whatever number that we can get a more grown up, tougher Keegan. At first his memory loss was something that I feared wouldn't grow on me either, but it did and I was real thankful for it. By the end it really turned into such a unique player in the story. The only side character I really think you need to know about is Lizzy Bruce. She was my favorite part/character in this series. She's had a lot of the characteristics I was hoping that Keegan would show. She was interesting while still maintaining to have such mystery surrounding her. She's probably who I'm most looking forward to seeing in the future.

As far as world building and plot I think this is Jax's real strength. He paints the perfect picture of a creep town, with vivid, and odd characters filling it. The pace of this story does start out slow but by the end you'll find yourself thankful that it took a cooler speed. The first two books Untethered and Singularity are all about introductions and world building, Freefall and Coherence are all about getting you hooked and placing Easter eggs, and Redshift really brings it all home. Redshift really sold me on this series. I loved the way all the memories, flashbacks, and little details finally get revealed. I thought I had a lot of things figured out, and was happy with the little twist that came into play. Hide takes a new spin on an old topic and gives it something extra. With how the story is left off I was left with a few remaining questions and wanting more... Not a bad problem as I see it.Seriosuly though that ending killed me I really nee to know what is going to happen next. By the end I was left thinking...

The Hide Series is a fun, light, brain twisting read that will have you craving more.

8/10 Stars