Monday, July 6, 2015

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

Tenley and Hardin are complete opposites when it comes to life. Yet they boy share one thing in common... They both have past they wish to keep secret.

This is a case of the right book at the right time. I felt myself slipping into a slump with the other book I was reading so I set it down and picked up Clipped Wings. I think my favorite thing about new adult books is that they are some of the best to pick up when you need to get out of a reading slump. Though Clipped Wings is overall your basic NA novel, I did enjoy that there was a little something different about it, and something that surprising related rather close to me.

Clipped Wings is about a rocky secret keeping relationship between Tenley and Hayden. Tenley is a college student working on her thesis while working at the book store she lives above. Hayden is the bad boy with the dark past who has now straightened out his life and is working/owning a tattoo parlor across the street from his aunts bookstore... So you see where this is going. After several visits to the store Hayden takes a liking to Tenley and after a series of events talks her into coming in for a tattoo session. Tenley though shy and guarded at times still managed to be both funny and charming. As far as leading ladies went I was really pleased with her, and how she is written. Hayden however was the character I oddly ended up relating to the most. Not only is he a total babe, but also a total sweet heart. The reason however I contacted with him was because much like him I am often discriminated against because of the amount of tattoos I have. People see them and then automatically assume you're up to no good. So naturally I felt a connection to him and how he sees the world seeing him. I also can't mention Hayden without mentioning his love of cupcakes and how much it made me love him. But, too be completely honest I really enjoyed everything about his character. He turned out to be a lot more swoon worthy than I originally thought he would be. At first I thought I knew how his character would be, but once he started to actually to reveal himself and start to win over Tenley I was completely sold. That sweet tattooed dreamboat stole my heart.

The story line is told in dual POV which I digged. I enjoyed getting to see both of their struggles along with hearing both of their thoughts on one another. I also liked how the book, though it's deeper message was about working through struggles and learning that its okay to lean on people, still found a unique way of bringing tattooing into the picture. Hot guys, talks about tattoos, and a story line that wasn't choppy had me sold. Though the plot is rather predictable it was still written so well that I was able to set that aside. The plot keeps a steady pace through-out the novel and the romance is always on point. I will say I thought this was a stand-alone but it turns out there is a sequel. With an ending I did see coming, I still wasn't disappointed because it does leave it off so the next book is actually a mystery. Really looking forward to seeing how this series ends because right now I'm so clueless and curious about how everything will wrap up.

8.5/10 Stars