Monday, September 28, 2015

Amber to Ashes by Gail McHugh

Amber Moretti is a new college student who unexpectedly falls for two best friends as she struggles to overcome the trauma of her tormented childhood. She didn't know what would happen when Brock Cunningham and Ryder Ashcroft come into her life. The last thing that she thought would be that she would end up falling for both of them. 

What the F did I just read??? No, seriously. What the F did I just read?!

Gonna say right here and now if you don't like love triangles don't go near this book... don't even touch it with a ten foot pole. Because Amber to Ashes is the love triangle of all love triangle books! A2A is like Beautiful Disaster meets... Ugh what's that weird movie with Aaron Johnson in it??? (insert me looking for it on IMDB here)... Oh yeah Savages meets Clipped Wings. This had my mind and feels all over the place.

A2A  is told from 3 POVS. First being Amber's the "sassy spit-fire" whose managed to steal both out leads hearts. How she did it exactly is beyond me.  She was a leading lady that took me most the book too warm up to. She manages to be both like-able and hate-able all at the same time. Then there Ryder Ashcroft. Ryder Ashcroft... seriously even his name sounds like sex. He's the dark-mysterious-cocky-a hole-with a deep core. So clearly he is the one I'm gonna fall for right away?! Last we have Brock... Sadly every time I hear the name Brock all I can think of is the guy from She's All That who does that random dance scenes...

Yeah that guy. So that caused a few minor issues. Brock is the preppy boy-with the good guy persona-that makes all the girl's panties drop. Not mine but apparently the rest of the female race. Both men are complete opposites. One gets to love Amber while the other has to swoon over her. Brock reminded me so much of Maddox from Beautiful Disaster (I hated Mad Dog Maddox), and Ryder reminded me of a "rough" version of Hayden from Clipped Wings (Hayden <333). With all that being said there was still something about all three characters that I felt were lacking in the personality department. Why everyone was falling all over them is a little beyond me. Guess there was just something I was always waiting too get out of them that I sadly never did. Can't exactly point out what though.

As far as A2A's plot goes it's stray cray. Starts off having you thinking it's gonna be all rainbows, melted knees, and sunshine, then WHAM! takes a turn into "WTF" territory (because again it's crazy)... Then goes further off roading into "what is happening", drives right off a cliff and into an ocean of bizzaro, and finishes off with something you know is coming. Not kidding when I say that either. This story heads right where you think it's going to. I think my biggest "issue" with A2A is that it's a book that has EVERYTHING... Which lead me to wonder how much is too much? Then again Gail kind of makes it work. Don't get me wrong this is a cluster of a book mess but pulls ahead with something so addictive. Though some of the terms used to describe some "intimate" moments could be a little out there, the plot still managed to sink its claws into me. I was hooked just a few pages in and had to know what was going to happen next. I spent most the book asking shouting...

I was in one of the worst reading slumps I've ever been in, but A2A brought me out of it. Sometimes I think all you can do to get yourself out of the depth of a slump so deep is to read something so ridiculous, so smutty, so out there that it pushes you back into reading... A2A is that kind of book. This isn't going to be a book that for everyone, heck it might not even be for 90% of people. And yeah it a book I would normally hate but for some out there reason just did it for me.

9.5/10 Stars