Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Angela's December Wrap-Up

Goodbye December you will be missed! But I wont lie, I'm ready for January. December was a massive slack month. Don't let my list fool you. I basically started the month out so strong that by the time it hit the two week mark I was so over it. I wanted to read a different book every other day for the entire month, but it just didn't happen. I only got to do some of my "Angela does December" list. Looks like it'll be an "Angela rolls this TBR list into the new year" list now. It's okay though. It'll give me something to go off of for the New Year. Also think I spent more time buying books then I did reading book... Like that's a problem! AM I RIGHT!!! I'll more than likely do a post in January of all my Owned-TBR books, because it's kind of insane right now. Speaking of TBRs PopSugar put up a list of their 2016 Reading Challenge and it looks amazing! Pretty sure it'll be the one I'll be doing. Also posted my 2015 favorite covers. Anyways, on to my reading list and favorites.

Soundless- Richelle Mead
Glass Sword- Victoria Aveyard
Before, During, After- Richard Bausch
The V Girl- Mya Robarts
Harley's Little Black Book Issue 1- Amanda Conner
Harley Quinn Hot in the City- Amanda Conner  
Suicide Squad Volume 3- Adam Glass
Green Arrow #46- Benjamin Perry
Six of Hearts- L.H. Cosway
Complicit- Stephanie Kuehn
The Scorpion Rules- Erin Bow
The Infinite Sea- Rick Yancey
Deathstroke #12-Tony Daniel
Wolf by Wolf- Ryan Graudin
Low Volume 1- Rick Remender
Manwhore- Katy Evans
Children of Men- P.D. James

My favorites of December are... *Drum Roll*: Childern of Men, Harley's Little Black Book, Wolf by Wolf, The Infinite Sea. Those were all my five (10) star reads. I also want to mention my four (9) star reads because they were both super close to being perfect. Those are: Manwhore and Six of Hearts. Children of Men is a book that freaked me out in the best way possible. A world where children are no longer born. Harley's Little is a new start in a series and I'm loving it so far. They come in these mystery bags and you don't know what cover you're going to get. The Infinite Sea is obviously a book I've read several times before, but decided to pic up again because the movie comes out so soon. Lastly of my five star reads I have Wolf by Wolf. Which was AMAZING! A girl escapes a Nazi death camp. After she enters a motorcycle race where the winner gets an audience with Hitler. If she wins she plans on killing him. This book was amazing, unique, and a complete page turner.

Six of Hearts is like a smutty version of Now You See Me. Manwhore is like a smutty version of Never Been Kissed. Both are excellent picks if you're looking for a fun-fluffy NA read.

My fail picks for this month are: Soundless, Before During and After, The Scorpion Rule, and Love in a Time of Global Warming. I'm sure by now you've heard about Soundless. The new standalone book my Richelle Meads... Well sorry to announce but this book was so boring! Struggled so hard to even finish it. The Scorpion Rule, well I don't even know where to start with this one. It was so freaking weird! And it was all about goats, which is also weird. Lastly, Love in a Time of Global Warming. Again another book that was so boring. The title of this book is so stunning I thought this read would be a knock out. It wasn't.

Yup, that's it. That was my entire December. Wasn't very thrilling. I spent way to much money and not enough time reading. Just so excited for 2016!