Friday, March 18, 2016

Allegiant Movie Review

Allegiant the third film in the Divergent Movie Series follows Tris and Four as they decide what to do now that the fraction system they were raised with has been dismantled. With the fractionless taking over Chicago and rebel groups forming, the two decide they need to go beyond the walls to find the help they think their crumbling city needs. So umm... We just saw Allegiant, and we have no idea what we just watched. Allegiant is loosely based on the book. Talking the first 300 ish pages are the first 30 minutes of this movie. Yeah you heard that right. The rest of it, well, your best guess is as good as ours.Allegiant starts off with the wall being blocked by orders from Four's sister, I mean mom, Evelyn. Tris and Four (mainly Tris) decides that they need to know what it beyond the wall if anything. Of course Tris can't leave her conniving brother so Four comes up with a non legit way of breaking him out (can we all just take a moment to say sucks to suck Tris HOPE YOUR DECISION WORKS OUT FOR YOU). After that happens the three start to leave the city... Of course they end up picking up Peter, Tori, and Christina also under unrealistic events, on the way out. At this point we'll be real, the movies not going bad, but then comes the scale the wall to escape the city scene... And good god is it cheesy.

If them scaling the wall in a bizarre manner wasn't enough the director decided what the movie NEEDED was a slow mo explosion scene. Yeah, it's bad y'all. So over the top dramatic. It was like something out of an 80s action movie.. However they manage to get out. Once out they enter the Scorch Trails... Oops we mean the Fringe. A dry waste land where they still somehow manage to know what direction to head. At one point Caleb looks thoughtfully at a puddle and says "This was radioactive sometime in the last 200 years." COOL BRO THANKS FOR THE INFO. While running and trying to find outside survivors, Johnny Weston (we don't know what his name in the movie is) is determined to find them and stop them... This is where the director said we need more slow mo!!! AND PUT IN AN EVEN WORSE CAR JUMPING OVER GAP SLOW MOTION SEGMENT! This had us rolling! Before things can get even slower the outsiders show up conveniently through a force field (Katniss didn't even have to shoot her arrow in... Oh wait...), throw everyone into these weird gummy bear bubbles, and float them back to their headquarters.

Which happens to look like JarJar Bink's under water house but is actually O'Hare airport. Unlike the book it's very fancy and there are a ton of people living there which really weirded because in the book its' a janky place. Once they have arrived they have to take these intense baths where they are covered in orange jello and then receive new tattoos.

Tris gets a legit job with the director David because she is the only true pure. Four does security and search and rescue and Peter and Caleb are stuck doing surveillance on Chicago. This is where cool new weapons come into play. We get introduced to some neat serums, cool laser tag style guns, and Four learns how to fly rumba vacuum cleaners. They all spend some time there before Four starts thinking things aren't what they seem after he goes on a super sketch mission. He finds out they are kidnapping children from their crank parents in the scorch, clearing their memories, and are not out to save them. Four tries to get Tris to leave with him but of course she doesn't. Four is told he can still leave and they will take him back to Chicago. He decides  this is the best plan of action and gets on a plane to leave. Mathew a new character who is introduced (he so ugly hot like Steve Buscemi but younger and hotter and slightly less creepy)  tells him that he needs his help. Four crashes the plane in an awesomely awesome fight scene killing almost everyone on board including all 45 pilots and starts walking home (ultimately ends up captured).

Once Tris is back she knows David has been lying and that Four is gone she decides it is now  time for, her brother, and Christina to leave. Somehow Tris know how to fly one of these future planes... We get she saw how autopilot worked ONCE but she know how to entirely fly the plane. She also figures out how to make the plane invisible. Once back in Chicago the three of them have to figure out how to stop the memory perfume from being spread throughout the city... But first they must break out Four... Insert cool guns, more gummy floating things, and another BA fight scene.  Things go down, shenanigans happen, rumbas are used, and ultimately of course the city is saved by the teenage gang. 

There were some highs in this movie:
There was a lot more Four than was expected. The angst-sty romance between Four and Tris isn't annoying like in the book. Caleb and Tris relationship is better. Weapons were cooler. The story line flowed better. Peter (Miles Teller) continued to be a joy to watch. Fight scenes were bitchin. Four has a steamy shower scene (that alone is worth the pricey movie ticket purchase). It was a lot more action packed than the book. And it was a lot easier to follow than the book (sometimes) was.

But there were some lows:
You could clearly tell when it was shot in front of a green screen (aka the entire movie). Camera was at times very shaky. The digital block things were odd and felt like when you try to watch 3D without the glasses. Tris knowing how to do any and everything was confusing.  The floating gummy things were dumb. The fact that when people where captured they would cover their heads with bags- example: Peter was captured and taken to Erudite headquarters with a bag over his head. Ya boy lived in erudite headquarters with Jeanie it's not like he doesn't know where he is. And the movie felt long. At one point we checked the time and it had only been an hour and felt more like three.

So all in all we understand why the movie is just called
Allegiant and the next will be called Ascendant. Allegiant the book is around 530 pages and almost all of it is in this movie. So it's safe to say Ascendant will be its own thing. That being said we are very confused as to what that thing will be. The biggest question of all still remains... How will it end??? Will it go back to the book-the road less traveled or go down a road we already know. Our bet is sadly after seeing this that they are going to change this ending (which we will be devastated about... because lets be real its what makes the book so amazing and bold). We are more excited now than we were before to see the final film.

Four Factor- 
Movie rating- 4/10
maybe 5 stars