Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren

London Hughes is very content to surf daily, work at a bar, hang out with her small group of friends, and take her time figuring out what her plans will be now that she's out of college. Everything’s going the way she wants it... Until Luke shows up one night at her job.

When I started Wicked Sexy Liar I went into it with a really vague idea of whom and what it would be about. Once I got to Luke's POV I remember thinking "Huh... I feel like I've hear about this guy before?"... Well that's because I have! Luke is a guy that was mentioned in book one (Sweet Filthy Thing). So once this clicked in my head I was floored. Why? Because I remember thinking about how much of a dick he sounded!.. However, I was oh so wrong! Luke was freaking adorable! I think that I originally didn't like him because I was suffering from a case of "girl code". I heard all these stories and events about him (all from the ladies) and automatically went with my girls. I was reminded that every story has two sides and I was also reminded to go into everyone open minded. Luke, though a bit of a womanizer, was still a complete sweetheart. He is funny, caring, very involved with his family, and unlike a lot of the men in Christina Lauren write isn't very complicated. He will just tell you what he is thinking when he is thinking about it. He also doesn't get embarrassed easily which I loved. London, our other POV, was someone I thought I would have trouble connecting with. Since she is described as a surfer girl I didn't think we would instantly click... we did though! Which you know is amazing when it happens. London ended up personality wise being like a lot of girls I know. She is a little more guarded then Luke which made their romantic dynamic a lot more interesting. The way these two feed off each other had me rolling. Their banter is perfection. The situations they are put in also felt very real. Out of the entire Wild Season Series and The Beautiful Bastard Series  it is the most believable. I like the way these two met, how they spend their time together,  the reason they hold off on things, and so much more. I got such a kick out of Luke calling London by the wrong name.

The pace of this book and it's storyline is amazing. Some authors might have tried to put as much into a book that these two did and they would have failed, but being Christina Lauren they managed to make a couple do and accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. I feel like we really got to see into both London's and Luke's lives and that the story gave each of them time to shine without having one outshine the other. like I said above, this story is also the most believable. Let's be real. we love Christina Lauren's books because they are so out there, wild, and crazy... Oh and because they are things that would probably never ever happen to anyone. This book broke the usual formula they use and I like that they took a different approach from their norm.

Wicked Sexy Liar is just stunning, comical, emotional, and as brilliant as the rest of their series are. Wicked Sexy Liar is the perfect end to the perfect series... No seriously, perfect. I rated every book in this series a perfect 10/10 (5/5). I think these two really understand what readers want out of their new adult and have no fear in giving it to us and for that I thank  you.

10/10 Stars