Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beautiful by Christina Lauren

After walking in on her boyfriend sleeping another girl in their Flat, Pippa decides to leave London for awhile. Jensen is buried by his drive and workload, he rarely takes time for himself or even real romance. But when his sister Hanna convinces him to join their gang on a two-week wine tour, he has a rare moment of weakness and agrees.

Beautiful follows the same CL pattern, the-you know what you're getting into and are completely 100% okay with that- style. As in most (all) quirky, personality powerful, funny girl is going through some big life change and is looking for something to mix it up. Guy's chin deep into work and is taking life too seriously.

Pippa is exactly as I said; funny, quirky, and has an overwhelming (but good) personality. After finding her boyfriend in bed with another women she decides she needs a break from her everyday life. She is going to head state side and see some old friends and go on a wine tour. Jensen is also your classic Beautiful guy. Super sexy, dry but cute humor, and weighed down with work. The meet-cute between the two however, was a fun new way for Christina Lauren. The two have a hilarious meet on their flight back to the US. Jensen never thinks he'll see the embarrassing Pippa again, but of course is wrong. I loved both of these characters so much, but they weren't my favorite two in the Beautiful Series or in the Wild Season Series either. Both had a little bit of flaws. Pippa's personality is cute..... but sometimes I think it was a little too much. Something about her over need to be "unique" sometimes got to me. Jensen has a similar, but different issue for me. He was a little too dry? I say that with a question mark because I don't know if that is the right word. I think he was charming, handsome (of course), and had a nice bit of humor to him... It was just his way of avoiding things or brushing them off that left me a bit put off.  Don't take that the wrong way, I still loved these two characters. I'm a big sucker for opposites attract stories, and this the true definition of one. When these two spend time together you'll undoubtedly be rooting for them to happen. Their need to have fun and enjoy vacation will really rub off on you.

When it came to Beautiful's plot it's really cutesy. As you could have probably guessed Jensen ends up going on the wine tour too (don't know why I said guess, I've made it very clear they are both on it by now lol). And of course since they go on the tour with a bunch of couples the two are kind of paired off.... so this leads the two slowly but surely falling for each other (trust me you read the synopsis you know that's where it's leading). Everything from the moment  they meet, to the moment they meet again, to the end of the trip is filled with adorable blush worthy moments. Another thing that happens in the Christina Lauren form is that there is a bit of a surprise... not so much a plot twist like in a lot of the other ones, but there is a nice surprise. It's a little less "realistic" than I would say some of the other ones have been in the past, but it made this story classic fun. Going from wine vineyard, to cottages, to more wine vineyards really gave this plot a little something extra. It was nice getting a change of scenery and getting it often. I loved the start of this book with how things really just took off no beating around the bust, the middle made me feel like I was touring with them, and the end is what I wanted. The only downside was this book wasn't as steamy as some of their others. Yall know I love my steam, so was hoping with this being the last in the series they wouldn't hold back... Sadly felt they kind of did. At least they brought back dry humping and made that super sexy.

I know this review seems a little back and forth. I say I loved it, but then I give a few negatives. I just felt like these are things I need to warn about, because even though this is very CL there are things that they tamed down some. It was still such a good time read for me, and was the first time in a bit that I've had a lot of fun reading. This isn't one of their books that you can go into without reading the others (like pervious ones) I would suggest reading the others in the series first or you might be confused some. Other than the few VERY minor things that I didn't love I would highly recommend this book to fans of this series or anyone who loves new adult. Sad to see this series come to an end, but excited to see what these two writers give us next.

9/10 Stars