Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Book Buying Problem?

Some might say I have a book buying problems... others might say I have a healthy obsession. I wont agree or disagree with either of those statements. What I do know is that I recently reorganized all six of my books shelves and decided now was the best time ever to make a list of my top ten most owned authors. in my opinion if you love an author there's no such thing as owning too many copies of their book. Also thought it would be a nice twist to add what book was my favorite of theirs.

Charlene Harris- 8
Okay, so this one is a little funny. I actually received the entire boxset as a gift from my boss. So... Yeah I've actually never read a single book by her. I've never watched the TV show either.
Favorite: N/A

Richelle Mead- 8
Confession time! So I don't even really like Richelle Mead. bought the Vampire Academy boxset
because it was on sale at Barnes and Noble and was almost the price of buying on book. The others I was sent to for review. One day I will get back around to finishing the VA series and hopefully I will find one I love or have a change of heart.
Favorite: N/A

Christina Lauren- 10
Yall know I love me some Christina Lauren. Basically counting down the days until they release a new book. These two authors get New Adult and aren't afraid to make it funny either.
Favorite: Dirty Rowdy Thing or Dark Wild Night.

Abbi Glines- 10
One of my favorite guilty pleasure reads. For some reason I can't stop buying Abbi Glines books. I wold say half of them I haven't even read! I really need to take a long weekend and just marathon the crap out of her Sea Breeze Series.
Favorite: Because of Low or While it Last. While it Last I believe is becoming a movie next year.

Veronica Roth- 10 
Oh V Roth. How I love to hate you. I both love and hate The Divergent Trilogy. I think that this series was a little tainted for me after both meeting Veronica and after seeing the latest movie.
Favorite: Divergent  

JK Rowling- 14  
How can a "most owned" list be completed without JK Rowling not being on it? It can't! I'm not even ashamed to say that I wish I owned even more copies. 14 isn't nearly enough! Not only is this one of the best series in history it's also one of the best movie franchises ever! Not like I need to tell anyone that (right!).
Favorite: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Sarah J. Maas- 15
We all know she is one of the Queens of writing both fantasies and bad-ass females. I love a good fantasy as much as the next person, but I love anything with a super strong female lead.
Favorite: Crown of Midnight or A Court of Mist and Fury.

Jennifer L. Armentrout- 18 
Favorite: The Lux Series. To narrow it down a little more I would probably go with Opal and Origins. I really wish they could find some way of taking this entire series and making it into, I don't know, like three solid movies. I don't think I'll ever truly get enough Daemon Black.

Cassandra Clare- 21 
Favorite: Round of applause for Cassandra Clare for getting the title of my most owned author... Winning by a land slide! The sad thing is I don't even own a few copies of her books. Yeah, this is only some of them. My favorite book of all of her books, in any of her series is... *drum roll* City of Glass. Without a doubt it's my favorite. I liked Cassie Clare before this book, but this is the one that made me fall in love with her. After this novel there was no going back. I was praying to all things fandom that the movies would at least make it to this one, but sadly I think I'll be waiting forever for this.

Colleen Hoover- 25
Colleen Hoover is my all time favorite author, and is one of auto-buy authors. This is probably why I own so many of her novels. One of them isn't even in English. Asking me to pick a favorite CoHo book is like asking someone to pick their favorite child... it changes everyday (lol).
Favorite: Maybe Someday, Maybe Not, and Ugly Love.

I know I cheated on a bunch of them by selecting more than one favorite book, but I'm a junkie and couldn't help myself.