Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Command Me by Geneva Lee

He was a stranger and still so familiar. It wasn't until I woke up to my picture splashed on the cover of tabloids that I realized I knew who he was. And he's no prince charming. 

Okay, so I wasn't going to write a review on this book, but then I thought "how can I not". It was that bad good.  So here comes another ranting review. 

Command Me follows two leading characters. Clara and Alexander.... And I'm just gonna jump Right in on them. Clara is a way stronger written character than Alex (after reading this full review I don't know really how much that's going to say about her character). She's sassy and kind of funny, but honestly that's about it. She has a job doing..? Well I couldn't tell you! Something with social media I think?!. She seriously attends her job like once. I know she comes from money and all but she's constantly trying to assert herself as this strong independent lady, but really I have no clue how she's paying for crap. Also were never really told what she looks like. Lee kind of makes it out to be that she's curvy, but then again I'm not sure. Oh, I do know she has auburn hair, so there's at. On to Alexander though. The dashing, mysterious prince... Just wait a second, I know what you're thinking "did she just say prince?"... You bet your sweet buns I did. Yeah Alex aka X is THE prince.  Okay, yeah maybe I wouldn't consider him THE prince because it never seems like he's ever really working either. He never seems to be doing any princely things. We do however get a great description of him. He's tall, pale, jet black bed head, with a chiseled jawline... (Wait, what was that noise??! Uh yeah the sound of a thousand panties dropping) Maybe it's just me but I love any man with jet black tousled hair and a jawline for days. Swoon. But what he has in the looks department he is lacking in personality. Besides that sexy description I couldn't tell you anything about him. He brought nothing character wise to the table. Sigh. All looks and no brain, what's a girl to do.  He does share the cutest little fox hunting story so that did give him some  extra points. 

As far as the story line went it was all over the place. It literally took place all over the place. I felt like the story started off plot wise stronger at the start than it did towards the middle and end. At the start we have this super lusty kind of forbidden romance that's hitting all the news stands, then in the middle we get this wtf am I reading romance, and then at the end you feel like you got what you paid for romance. (Just to let Yall know I didn't pay for this it was a free kindle read... So yeah). 

When the romance started it was like.... 

Then when they get to the estate and they get all "steamy" there things get a little odd and is more like.... 

Seriously it gets weird.  
The plot somehow manages to both flow and anti flow at the same time... Anti flow mmmm I don't think that's a thing but whatever.... 

Then we have your thrown in there back characters like her sister whose name I can't remember but I know it was dumb. Who I also couldn't stand. Then there's Edward who was to die for. I want to eat soup, go shopping, and watch trashy Telly with him all day. Then there's this other girl who also had a dumb forgettable name, something like Pippa or papa, or salsa, idk either way she was soooo terrible. Her character made me want to eat my own vomit. Just to let yall know why that is it's because Ya girl Clara had like this back story about having a eating disorder that somehow leaked to the press and now salsa keeps bringing it up every two pages. And I get Alex's fams all like "blah you can't date her she's not British blah" and salsa tries to use that too her advantage, but having this girl bring up Clara's "eating problem" over and over again was just annoying!!!! Over all for the most part the plot is solid---ish. 

All that being said you're probably thinking I hated this book.  YOU'RE WRONG! I actually really liked it. No clue why! Stayed up late reading it and loved the way it ended! At one point towards the end I even found myself saying "oh no you didn't" like people use to in like 2005 when it still wasn't cool. You're not going to be surprised by the ending or anything. It's kind of given that since it's book one that it'll end on some kind of cliffhanger. It's does get real intense towards the end though.

Really have no clue why I liked it so much, just found it rather entertaining, and isn't that what it's really all about?! Ha, who knows. 

8.5/10 Stars