Friday, March 13, 2015

My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

Jackie lost her whole family in a car accident and now must move from New York to Colorado and live with the Walter family. She's going from living in the big city to a small town, from private school to public, and from having one sibling to twelve. She thought she was going to be the one who hated being there but it seems that the 12 other children hate it even more.

I picked up My life with the Walter Boys so I could have a sweet light December read. I got exactly that.

As Jackie tries to adjust to her new life, school, and friends it seems like two of the Walter boys have taken an interest in her. Cole the swoon worthy-ex jock-womanizer. Alex mister geek-charming with a super sweet side. Coming between two brothers was the last thing she thought she would get herself into when she was transplanted into her new life, but now she will have to figure out who and what she wants to do.

Jackie was a character that I had to grow into. I really didn't like her "no risk" attitude at first but by the end the way I felt towards her had completely changed. Cole was for the most part what you thought he would be. Boob jerk turns sweet guy. Alex was the one that surprised me. Wont say why but he was a lot different than I first figured. This book is heavy on the love triangle aspect, but it is well written so it was enjoyable to read. It wasn't my favorite one but it was still really fun to read. I didn't like how Alex was so one sided and didn't want to listen and I didn't like that Cole always seemed to be leading Jackie on. At some points Jackie made me want to pull my hair. and punch her in the face. Like stop acting so stupid!!!

What I did really like was even though it was heavy on the love tri (I do love them but I still want more) is that she still had it so that Jackie did things and built relationships with all the boys. The way she has that set up was really cute and unique too. I think if there was a love triangle involving two brothers that this is what it would be like.Overall awkward....

 The setting of this story though common was still nice. I like the struggles laid out in front of everyone and for the most part how they played out. There were so many great moments in this books. I think the pranks pulled were the major highlights to this story. The part where they steal her clothes while she's in the shower had me rollin. Even with the minor complaints I threw into this review I really did enjoy reading this. The only thing that really bothered me was the ending. I wanted so much more. No, it wasn't a bad ending, but it was just an ending. There was just something missing about it and I can't quite place my finger on it. I heard a rumor from a GR friend that there will be a sequel and I was so happy to hear about that, because I need more!!!

This wasn't the best book I've read in 2014 but it was far from the worst. It would fall in the middle with a lot of other mid stars. Excited to continue this series if she does do a follow up.

6.5/10 Stars