Friday, March 20, 2015

Insurgent Movie Review

So as yall are aware of Leah and I have been waiting forever to see this moving... Oh how we have longed to see it... We have been patience, we have stayed clear of spoilers, we have been freaking counting down the days!... All for this moment... AND OH HOW BITTER SWEET IT WAS.

I will of course be doing a run down of the whole movie. I wont be giving out any real spoilers, but I wont be holding back either. There are a handful of things that I did like about this movie, but there are A LOT of things I hated. I use the word hate heavily might I add. That being said here we go my review of Insurgent the movie VERY loosely based of the best selling novel Insurgent book by Veronica Roth.

"I know this doesn't make any sense,''  says Tris

You're right about that Hazel Grace. That sentence basically sums up Insurgent. First before I say anything I think that Tris should quit her Dauntless day job and take up cosmetology. This is where I think her true talent lies, but maybe that's just me.... Anyways the movie starts off right away with action packed-ness. Tris and her band of miscreants are still on the run from Rose Winslet the evil leader of Erudite. Rose Jeanine has her hands on the mysterious box that can only be opened up by a divergent. This is where the problems began for me... Yes, within the first few minutes. If you haven't read the book then you don't know that the box wasn't in it. If you have read the book then you know what was going to be hiding in it... At least you think you do. HOW ROSE DAWSON KNOWS THAT SOME SPECIAL SNOW-FLAKE DIVERGENT IS NEEDED TO OPEN SAID BOX, THAT THE BOX WAS FOUND BURIED IN THE PRIOR HOUSE, AND THAT SHE YET WASN'T ABLE CONNECT THE DOTS TO FIGURE OUT THAT TRIS, WHO SHE KNOWS TO BE DIVERGENT WOULD PROBABLY BE THE ONE SHE WOULD NEED TO OPEN THE BOX IS BEYOND ME!!!! The freaking leader of the faction that is all about being brainiacs couldn't figure out that she needed Tris shows why they were so easy to overthrow.

Everything from how they arrived at the Amity compound seeking safety, to how they leave Amity is changed. Basically they took two hundred pages and crammed it all into the first 30 minutes of the movie. This leaving the audience with the start of their confusion. As seen in the trailer they are running away from the soldiers/dauntless traitors now working for Jeanine when they see a train they can use for escaping....This part had me LOLing. THERE IS NO FREAKING WAY THEY COULD HAVE POSSIBLY OUT RAN KAT VON D AND HER FOREHEAD DERMALS!!! THAT DUDE WAS RUNNING LIKE THE FLIPPING TERMINATOR!!!! Also I don't know how at least 50+ trained dauntless soldiers couldn't have shot at least Caleb. Clearly Four's classroom training skills are lacking. Anyways, at this point you might be thinking what I was thinking... YAY they're about to start getting really into the book now, God I can't wait to see what Edward looks like. Well sorry to bust your bubble so early on, but this doesn't happen. Instead of bringing back good ole pirate patch having Edward we get introduced to the first of many pointless characters. This all happens while a random, again not in the book, fight scene happens. This all leading them to the Factionless. Yes it does jump around that quickly. SIDE-NOTE: I JUST DIDN'T GET WHY THEY DIDN'T MAKE SEMI MOHAWK DUDE EDWARD?!?!?! IT WOULD HAVE MADE JUST AS LITTLE SENSE AS THAT GUY!!?? I can't possible be the only one to think of this?!?!

Once we get to the Factionless we are introduced to Theo's mother. The leader of the homeless. This starts off a list of problems all in itself. Instead of having the factionless scattered through out locations they have them all living in the market place from The Hunger Games. This however, was a plus to the story. Tobias then introduces Tris to his mother, Evelyn. Who explains that she left Abnegation to flee her husband who was an abusive drunk and that the reason she didn't bring her son was because she was so young... Seriously, Theo James and her look the same age.... So you gave birth at like what seven?!? Yeah, you're right you were way too young to be raising a kids, becoming hobo is SUCH a better idea. Yes, to some this might sound minor but it still bothered me. This section also had some big changes: the kids jumping off the roof scene, Marcus not being present, Caleb's exit, the fact that the homeless own makeup, and the play out of alliances were all altered. Leading to more confusion for non-readers.

Then again the movie jumps to them going to a new location. This time in Candor were more of the book is altered. Tris and Four still undergo the truth serum in a really cool room with the guy from Lost, this scene, though important in the book, movie wise just opens up a whole new can of worm questions... And Tris' acting is hard to watch during this scene... IT'S BAD!!!! She keeps doing both that squeaky hamster sound she's constantly making and ugly crying all over the place. While at Erudite we do get introduced to some of the big players from the book, but sadly they served no purpose in the movie. Marlene, Susan Black, Uriah, his brother, Lynn, and Hector were all either not present or pointless. Now that I think about it, most of the factionless, and their presents is pointless! Combined all of them spent maybe 15 minutes on screen. While people had such boners for these characters also is beyond me. Of course before exiting Candor the writers thought they hadn't changed enough and decided to add in a whole new section complete with a face scanner, and a new way for Eric to make his exit. Jumping yet again the couple is back with the homeless, but not for long. Tris decides to Dine-and-Dash on the man candy that is Theo James before heading off too turn herself in too Jeanine. WE DON'T EVEN GET A FOUR AB SHOT!!!! The change in the way Tris and Four's relationship was done so much better. In the book I couldn't stand them being together. They were beyond annoying spending over 300 pages arguing. In the movie their relationship is sweet, caring, and not full of lies.

AWWWW and the scenery changes again! Starting to get whiplash!

While being held in the Erudite compound things actually start picking up and getting good... Why is that? Two reasons The Inception like simulations and Peter (Miles Teller). And I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm going to anyways, I CALLED IT!!! I freaking called it. I said that I had a feeling Miles Teller would be the star on-top of the Christmas Tree of this movie and I was right. In Divergent I didn't see him as Peter, in Insurgent I got why they cast him. He gave me all the things I wanted from book Peter and didn't get. Teller did what he is known for and brought the comic relief. Thank the Lords above because this movie needed it. (Honorable mention to Ansel Elgort because he also nailed it) The sims were like I was saying, also nice. The effects were great. I actually liked that they took a large drawn out section of the book and shoved it into her having to do 5 sims to open the box. I even liked the simulation that came straight out of the movie Up. This was what I was thinking I was going to hate in this movie. Turned out I liked it. Thought after the whole truth serum situation that Tris wouldn't be able to pull of the deep and action packed section this put in front of her. She nailed it though. I liked almost everything about them being in the Erudite compound. I thought it was a little bit silly that Tris and Four refused to use guns during their escape (even though we all know Theo James already carries two lethal weapon aka his left and right arms, HEY OOOOOO). But wait, don't get too excited now, this also brings me to my biggest issue with this movie.  THE ENTIRE ENDING!!! THE WHOLE FREAKING ENDING PISSED ME OFF BEYOND BELIEF. When reading the book the reason I loved it so much was for those last few pages when we get slapped with an ending we didn't see coming. IT'S THE WHOLE REASON I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THIS MOVIE! When the movie starts winding down I was waiting on pins and needles for this moment... AND THEY CHANGED IT!!! AND IT SUCKS SO MUCH DICK!!!!! THE BEST PART OF THE BOOK AND YOU CHANGE IT!!! I can get over the plot holes, I can get over the jumpy story line, I can even get over the left out characters, but I CAN NOT get over the change of this ending! I HAVE NO CLUE what they plan on doing with the next movie. Pissed doesn't even begin to state my reaction.

I truly think that when it comes to page to premieres that the critics reviews are nice to see, but the only opinion that matters to me is those of the readers. The ones who have read the books and now are seeing the movie. And if I completely separate the book and the movie, than yes the movie is entertaining and overall alright... But as a reader I wasn't happy. The things like the box and the simulations were such an added bonus of a surprise. These were all things I thought would have me hating the movie and I loved that my mind was changed on those. The changes in somethings were needed. But the extent to how it was changed.... was just too much. The elimination of most the characters, the rush of timeline, and the alternate ending had me sighing.

Lucky for me I have a double date to see it again tonight. Lets just say that my face the whole time I'll be watching this the second time around will be resting bitch. I keep hoping that I'll wake up from a simulation and that the ending will be different. But I warn yall now, if they change the ending to Allegiant then Charleston better look out because I will punch a whole through this town!

6/10 Please never make fun of The Mortal Instruments again Stars