Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Read it and Weep

When it comes to emotions we basically have none... Crying in real life events rarely ever happens for us. However when it comes to books/books to film it happens all the time! And we mean all the time. It's to the point where it should be embarrassing but then again WE HAVE NO SHAME! So we thought it would be a wonderful idea to share a list of the books that brought us to tears, highlight the biggest hitters, and share the ones that had us feelings all the feels (yeah just said that still not ashamed). 

Me Before You- Jojo Moyes
Slammed- Colleen Hoover
Point of Retreat- Colleen Hoover
Ugly Love- Colleen Hoover
Maybe Someday- Colleen Hoover
Confess- Colleen Hoover
The Fault in Our Stars- John Green
The Truth About Alice- Jennifer Mathieu
If I Stay- Gayle Forman
MockingJay- Suzanne Collins
Allegiant- Veronica Roth
Unteachable- Lead Raeder
All Our Yesterdays- Cristin Terrill
Forbidden- Tabitha Suzuma
The Choice- Nicholas Sparks
Champion- Marie Lu
Breaking Dawn- Stephanie Meyers 
The Beginning of Everything- Robyn Schneider
City of Heavenly Fire- Cassandra Clare
Opposition- Jennifer L. Armentrout

Angela's Picks- As far as my top three picks for highest tissue count I selected: Ugly Love, Maybe Someday, and Forbidden. In that order (Honorable mention to Me Before You). I thought when we started making this list that TFIOS would be in my top three, but the ones I picked really did me in more so... And if you've seen or read TFIOS that should really tell you something. Ugly Love definitely takes my top spot. Not only could I not pick up another book for over a week, I also couldn't open my eyes for the same amount of time. Every time I thought about this book I became a blubbering hot mess all over again. It shattered me into a million little pieces, and delivered a thousand paper-cuts to my heart. A book has never made me hurt as hard as Ugly Love did, and I can't wait to see it in theaters next year and ugly cry all over the place (again). Maybe Someday, my next pick is also by Colleen Hoover. This book...wow this book... IS JUST PERFECT. It has the perfect start, the perfect middle, and hands down one of the best endings ever. Maybe Someday was like nothing I had ever read before and left me loving love. If you wanna know what love is and what someone to show you just pick up any Hoover book. My last pick is a book I know y'all have heard me mention on several occasions... Yup, Forbidden. I could go on for weeks (which is crystal clear since I still am) about how much I loved this novel. Not only did it bring me to tears, it had me questioning my own morals. With a story line that I didn't see coming, with plot twist I could barely handle, and with an ending that left me speechless, there was no way this book couldn't make my list. If you haven't read any of these books you have too! Just click the reviews and you'll see why. All of them are on my all time favorites list and each one gave me something so lovely to hang on to. Seriously, PICK UP THESE BOOKS! While you're at it pick up copious amounts of chocolates, and stock up on Kleenex.

Leah's Picks- I used to look at people who read sad books or watch sad movies and think "why would you pay money for something to make you cry?!" That was before I was introduced to the novels that are listed above. Now I know that you can read a book, have your heart ripped out, and then still come out feeling something positive at the end. My top three picks are The Fault in Our Stars, Slammed, and Maybe Someday. I remember when I first read TFIOS. I knew basically what it was about, but I didn't know a whole lot of information on it. Let me just say that by the end of the book, I had locked myself in my bathroom and was sitting on the floor next to the toilet sobbing my eyes out. This book brought me to a level of sadness that I didn't know you could experience without losing someone yourself. It really and truly felt like I had lost a part of me. That is why this book will always remain on the top of my favorite lists because of the strong reaction it evoked from me. In a very close second in Slammed. I avoided reading this book for a really long time because I didn't think it would be my thing. This book is everyone's thing. Seriously, it is amazing. Something that happens to one of the characters hits close to home for me in this one and it really made my knees buckle, especially during the epilogue. It was that type of thing where you are reading but you are crying so hard that you can't even see the words because snot and tears and mascara are running down your face. I haven't even read the sequel, Point of Retreat, yet because I'm just not ready. Even thinking about the end of Slammed makes my stomach hurt, so I just need some time to heal all my emotional wounds inflicted by CoHo before reading the sequel and novella. In third is Maybe Someday. Colleen Hoover holds the title for Author Most Likely To Make You Die After Reading Her Books because of all the crazy twists she pulls on her characters. I read Maybe Someday in a few hours because I just couldn't put it down. I laughed, I cried, I swooned... Basically I felt all the feels. The ending is what makes this book for me. Amazing. Who knew reading could make you hurt so good? I would seriously have called you crazy if you told me this a few years ago, but now I recommend everyone to go out and buy all of these books ASAP.