Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Angela's April Wrap-up

Fallen Too Far- Abbi Glines
Never Too Far- Abbi Glines
Sea of Stars- Amy Bartol
The Law of Moses- Amy Harmon
Making Faces- Amy Harmon 
Kaleidoscope Hearts- Clarie Contreras
Beautiful Stranger- Christina Lauren
Beautiful Player- Christina Lauren 
Beautiful Secret- Christina Lauren
Beautiful Beloved- Christina Lauren 
Chase Me- Tessa Bailey
Unteachable- Leah Reader (Re-Read)
Me Early and the Dying Girl- Jesse Andrews
Easy- Tammara Webber
Ready Player One- Cline Ernest
The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise- Matthew Crow
Aftermath- Tom Lewis 

 April kind of went by in a blur. I felt really sluggish when it came towards reading. Think my month started out so strong, with such great reads, that by the end of the month it made me kind of "whatever" towards anything I picked up. Regardless of that this month was really good reading wise. I nailed out a lot of books I wanted too, managed to squeeze in one re-read, all while re-watching seasons 1-3 of Teen Wolf... So I guess overall it turned out to be a pretty productive month. I managed to knock out 17 books, which clearly is a high number, but fell short of my goal of 20 each month.

As far as my April favorites went I have a few. Sea of Stars, The Law of Moses, Making Faces, Beautiful Player, Beautiful Secret, Beautiful Stranger, and Unteachable all make the list. I wont talk too much about Unteachable since I don't really like to include re reads in favorites (because clearly I liked them enough to go back so it's kind of a give.), but I will again say how much I loved this book! It's amazing! Anyways, all the other ones were new too me this month. Sea of Stars and Beautiful Secret were both new releases in April and both nailed it! Sea of Stars was an amazing second book in the Kricket Series and I can barely breathe waiting for the next book. What a cliffhanger! If you also couldn't tell I fell pretty heavy into some Christina Lauren novels this month. They have steadily became two of my favorite authors. They have this fun, witty way of writing that has won me over. As far as my top picks go I would have to say that Beautiful Stranger and Sea of Stars take that spot. Both were fun, action packed, good time reads and both have made it onto my favorites shelf. I would like to mention that even though The Law of Moses wasn't my overall top book(s) this month that it was still by far the most unique thing I've read not just this month, but in a very long time.

When it came to book let downs I only have 1.5. 1.5??? How can I have a half fail?? Well it's because I enjoyed the book and it was great, it just didn't give me what I was hoping for... And that is Me Earl and the Dying Girl. This book was hilarious, fun, and scattered brained. For all those reasons and a handful of others it had me enjoying it. But when I was done reading it I was just... I don't know. I just wanted more. People kept comparing it to TFIOS and it was nowhere near that book. Me Earl and the Dying Girl is becoming a movie and from the trailers we've seen so far, I think that it will be better film than book. So that is why I'm kind of throwing it into my fail pile. It was a good book, but it had the potential to be an amazing book, and just missed the mark. My number one fail without a doubt is Never Too Far. I HATED this book. This is the second book in the Rosemary Beach Series. If you saw my review for the first, then saw my review of the second you might have gotten whiplash. Book one Fallen Too Far was great so I figured that Abbi Glines would continue that momentum into book two, but it was like a completely different person wrote it. After reading the first few chapters I should have just put it down, but sadly didn't. I think this book is what ruined the rest of the month for me. I still can't grasp how a story went from such a high to such a low so fast. I'm on the fence about wither or not to finish the series so I guess we'll see.

With all that said and done I am SO excited to go into May! Mainly because at the very end of it Leah and I are headed to New York for BookCon!!!! CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!! We are on the edge of our seats waiting for the list of signing times to be posted. As far as panels go so far we only plan on attending one, and that is John Green's Papertowns Panel. Hopefully once everything is posted Leah and I will be able to post a little something up on the blog to let yall know who will be seeing and what are plans are for those few days! Can't wait to see everyone in the big apple!

Oh and if there isn't a review posted for one of the books then listed it will be up in May. Since I have so much going on with work, friends, books, and travel my reading might be a little light in May so I have them set to post during that time.

Well till next time.