Sunday, April 12, 2015

Snare by Clarissa Wild

Lilith has escaped a mental institute to search for the man she is obsessed with. But Sebastian is not what she expected.

Let me tell you about the worst thing I've ever read... It goes by the name of Snare. 

First off apparently you're suppose to read some prenovel thing before dipping into this one, but I wasn't aware of that before I read this book. Therefore I was super confused from the get go. It starts off with our main problem lady Lilith. She has found herself in a mental institution and keeps going on and on about a man called Sebastian Brand who apparently saved her but we and she don't know if he is real or not. After obsessing over this mystery man Lilith decides to escape the ward and find said dude. So of course she finds him and lo and behold Sebastian isn't the man she had imagined him to be. Despite his attempts warning her to stay away from him, Lilith went all stalker mode on him and eventually ends up being held prisoner in his house. That in itself is a huge problem for me. She was obsessed with him then all of a sudden wants nothing to do with him because he is a creep.... Mmmm that should have been obvious from the creepy hospital visits. Then her being in his house again huge issue. Nothing that happens adds up or makes sense. Everyone who comes over apparently knows she "kidnapped" but doesn't really see it as an issue. Also the fact that this girl is like a lost puppy dog following this Dbag around had my brain hurting. I thought that Sebastian would end up being charming and protective, not rapey and a pig.

Sebastian is the least sexy man I've never met. I have never ever been so turned off by a fictional book guy in my life. I would take me days to list off all the reason I hate him. YES HATE HIM!!!!! He was rude in every sense of the word, gross, and freaky (not in a good way). As a character he doesn't make sense either. At one point Lilith describes him and says he has sharp teeth... When is saying teeth are sharp sexy??? Also what the F does this guy do for a living???

"I am not a man to hug in bed; I am a man to kill in his sleep."

Someone please do us a favor and grant this man his request. His character matches the plot... It just
flat out made no sense. I wish I could tell you what happened in a nice list of events, but I can't. I have no clue what happened. I'll just sum up what I know though. This girl is kidnapped and clearly suffering from Stockholm. And rape is not sexy. Guys being this creepy is not sexy. The dirty talk in this book make me want to drink bleach and eat thumb tacks. This book was beyond gross and beyond bizarre. Seriously what the heck did I just read. How this book has the ratings it does is beyond me. 

negative 6/10 Stars