Friday, April 3, 2015

Sea of Stars by Amy Bartol

According to Alameedan prophecy, one house will rise to power and the other will be completely wiped out, and Kricket is believed to be the weapon that will tip the scales. Kricket is forced to come face to face with finding out if her fate really is written in the stars.


Sea of Stars literally picks up where Under Different Stars left off. We are still following Kricket's story as she continues to be a fugitive. Kricket in this novel much like the first, is still a force to be reckoned with. She is still so strong and insanely smart. The big difference between book one and two is that this one is over-packed with action (yes this is a good thing). You’ll find yourself barely having time to breathe with all the twist and turns that are happening. The first "OMG" moment happens so early on in the book that I’m still floored by it. All the action in this book has a snowball effect…. Gets going right away and as the novel continues just gets bigger and bigger.

We get to learn not just more about Kricket’s powers but more about her past. This making her an even stronger character than she was in the previous novel. The other character plus in this book is Trey. If you’ve read Under Different Stars than you know how amazing and swoon-worthy he was in book one… In Sea of Stars he just gets even better. As much as I did like him in the UDS I still wanted so much more out of his character and I got it in this book. We also get re/introduced to several characters. We still have Trey's boys, Jax and Wayra. I wish I would have gotten more of them in this book, but never was let down when they were present. We still have have Kyon as the villain. Loved him in this book! He is an amazingly written villain and I can't wait to get more of him in the next book. I loved getting a  little peek into his softer sides as well. We finally get to meet Charisma and Trey’s parents (Sadly kept calling his father Vaseline in my head, didn’t mean to but couldn’t stop myself). All were great sub characters, but none I have yet to connect with. Hoping that in book three we'll get more of them. My favorite however is a new one, Giffen. Too me he gives off this Rowan from Heir of Fire feel. Which I loved! He still has a lot of mystery surrounding him, but I look forward to seeing him in book three. I think he is going to add something so grand to this series. I want to go more into detail about him because I really liked his character, but for spoiling reasons I'll leave the convo about him at that.

On to my favorite book subject… The romance! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! I’M SWOOING ALL OVER THE SOUTH! I loved that this book had a lot more Tricket moments (Yeah, I went there). I loved getting to see them on a more personal level, I loved their banter, and I love how they are towards each other. I feel like in a lot of books like this relationships are built of half truth and a lot of hidden secrets. This isn’t the case with them and I really enjoyed that.  

“I want to discover every thought… every look… every other freckle." "Why every other freckle? Why not all of them?”
“Well, I didn't want to sound obsessed, and also some freckles aren’t as good-natured as others" As I laugh harder, Trey rises on his elbows, smiling down at me. "That's the sound that I want to live in for the rest of my life."

Sigh, just loved it. Any and every moment these two are present was written to perfection. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see where their relationship goes next. I want NEED more of these two. 

The world building in Sea of Stars, is so on point. We get a deeper and move descriptive look into the universe. Amy paints a powerful picture of life in Ethar. We also get shown some super badass weapons. As far as the plot went, as I stated before, it's massively action packed. We never get a moment to rest our legs. It's just one insane moment after the next. *Small Spoiler ahead if you haven't read book one* My favorite thing about this book was how Kricket is learning more about her powers and how she can control them. I feared Kricket being able to see into the future would be hard to write and have play out well, but Amy does it flawlessly. I can't stress enough how much I absolutely loved how all the vision played out! Seriously did not see it coming! It's just great! Found myself having to pick my jaw up off the floor after everything is revealed and comes together. Oh and that ending... Seriously!!!! 

This is torture! How can you leave us hanging like that?!?! I mean, hey I'm super thankful for such an amazing ending, but I don't know how I'll be able to wait for the next book! Not only does this series have some of my favorite covers, it's steadily becoming one of my favorite series.

As one of my most anticipated reads of 2015 I wasn't let down.

10/10 Stars