Monday, May 25, 2015

End of Days by Susan Ee

The time has come. The End of Days Trilogy has finally come to an end. I for one am still so thankful that I waited to read this whole series until all the books were all released. I don’t think I could have waited as long as most did to get my hands on the last book. I know there’s a lot of buzz and mix feelings surrounding how this series ended. Some people think they didn’t get nearly enough out of the ending and some people are completely stratified. I fall somewhere in between but closer to happy.

End of Days picks up right where World After left off. Penryn is still off being a total Bamf angel killer, who is still coming  to terms with her family situation, along with the whole “angels have invade earth” issue. Penryn also has to really decide where her alliances will lie when everything clashes together. She is  constantly throwing all her support into saving what’s left of this world, but the true question behind this whole book is will she continue to do the same once she is told what the Angels have in store? If you think Penryn has a lot on her plate don’t even take a gander at Raffe’s. Being one of the highest ranking angels put him in the pickle of all pickles. –Does he want to stand behind Penryn and take what comes with that –become the new messenger –make his first real appearance from being “mia” –entering into a contest; these are only some of the things he is juggling. The relationship and tension between these two characters continues to grow throughout this novel as well… This is/was my only real problem with this book. I get the push and pull they have for each other and the constant need to keep their distance from one another, but honestly I was hoping for more gushy love stuff. We get a few sprinkles of scandy but nothing that really blew me out of the water. It is more then what we received in the previous two but still nothing to write home about. Though I will say the few stolen moments are so sickly sweet and I loved them… Then again, I know this is going to kind of contradict what I just said, but at the same time I can really respect this book for making it a focus on having such a strong leading female character that isn’t heavily watered down by romantic smut. Don’t fear though the banter between the two is still as strong as ever. My favorite part of their relationship is that they are will to hold onto that last strand of loyalty to each other until they won’t be able to anymore.

"This is Penryn Young, Daughter of Man, Killer of Angels"

Penryn has moved up onto the list of my favorite female heroines. She is so strong willed, determined, smart, and a girl who can really kick it and hold her own with the boys. Just love her. As for the sub characters we have her sister, Paige, who really stands out in these books and took me by surprise. Her mother who holy hot cakes is crazy-amazing, and has to be one of the most unique characters I’ve read in the longest time. My favorite sub characters however are the twins, Dee and Dum. They remind me so much of Kenji from Shatter Me and I just loved them. And when they threw up metal horns during one scene I about fell of my sofa I was laughing so hard. They bring the much needed comic relief to this dark themed book.

As for the story itself… Well I was floored by how intense and action packed it was! I wasn’t let down at all by how the story went. Everything leading up to the big bang ending was so thoroughly written. The way she has Penryn take a step back, assets the situation, then attack really made this ending a complete page turner. A girl who uses her brain instead of just rushing into situations is a girl who knows the way to my heart. There are so many new places and layers added to this story that when first presented I was worried about how they were played out, but ended up happy with their outcome. We get a new added world which I liked, along with the shattered California we have come to know. The action in this book is turned up to 11. There isn’t a time when something isn’t happening. That all being said the only other tiny tiny tiny issue I had was at the end there is this one really cheesy thing that happens, and then the last few pages seemed a little rushed. With Angelfall and World After we got a lot more raw emotion and with End of Days we get a lot more “put your heart aside and do what needs to be done”. End of Days is a book about loyalty and making the tough decisions even when you have nothing left of yourself to give.

"Any minute now, we might have to choose our loyalties. When that happens, I'd be an idiot to think we'll be on the same side."

I do fall into the same category as a lot of other people, where I wish that Susan would have done what she was thinking and written this to be a five book series. I think with even one more book, or a novella just for an epilogue would have really set this book over the top. Sadly I don’t think we’ll get either of those. I feel that with a fourth book we could get the gaga romance we are all dying for and can get back to the emotional side of things. Overall I was very happy with how this book planned out and it is hands down my favorite fallen angel series.

9/10 Stars