Monday, May 18, 2015

Silence by Natasha Preston

Oakley Farrell hasn’t spoken in over a decade. At age five she stopped talking and no one seems to know why. Since she refuses to speak Oakley only has one friend, Cole Benson. Cole and Oakley have been friends their whole lives and have formed their own way to communicate. When forced to face the past Oakley has to decide wither to remain silent or speak out.

Silence is a book that I am going back and forth with… I'm on the fence about how to really rate it. Silence is written in dual Pov changing between both Oakley and Cole. Oakley wasn’t my favorite character. I didn’t hate her but I definitely didn’t love her. She was strong in some ways but overall pretty weak. When she does go into why she isn’t talking I did overall like the reasoning behind it. As far as a character that doesn’t speak goes she was pretty interesting. I did think that for how mature she was about her personal issue she was far too immature about others. As far as Cole’s character went I was head over heels for him. I thought he was funny, charming, and definitely swoon worthy. I liked that he was more than just a love interest that he was a great friend. Even though we got a lot less chapters from his point of view I found myself loving his side and the way he spoke way more. It was his sweetness though that really won me over. Their relationship was the biggest plus of this book. I enjoyed that we got so much back story and build up of their relationship. It wasn’t just a “hey they’ve been friends forever so that why they should be together.” It was how relationships should be: starts off as a friendship, explores that for awhile, then builds to something more. So I appreciated that it wasn’t insta love. As far as sub characters the only few that I want to touch base on. Julian (the bully), her cousin with the stupid name, and her parents. I wish we would have gotten more interaction with her mother and father and gotten more out of them. The other two I really hate, Julian and her cousin. Julian was set up to be this horrible mean bully, but all he did was be creepy then convenient. I hate random thrown in characters and he was the epitome of one. Her cousin was as equally as pointless and dumb. Overall I felt no real connection to any character except Cole.

The thing that has me torn though was the flow of the story. In the beginning the story is slow, and this isn’t my problem… In Silence case I can respect the slow start. It really made me connect more with the story and characters (aka Cole). But I still found myself wanting more out of it. I felt like the first part of the book is a two star rating (goodreads). The meaty middle of this story is what I fell hard for. I liked when the families went on vacation, I liked the sweet little dates, and the late night hang outs. I enjoyed getting to see our leading couple fall for each other. It'll give you a toothache it was just so sweet. This had me thinking the middle section of this book would be rated a solid 4 stars (goodreads). It was the ending of this book that has me annoyed. How everything plays out had me so mad. It’s clearly not a spoiler that ya girl Oakley eventually talks, and from then on out it had my blood boiling!!!! I can’t even tell you why I’m so mad either, because it would be giving out spoilers. All I can say is that the last few chapters took this book from a 4 star read to a 1. The ending could have been what it was but the way it was laid out and presented was a huge no in my book. It felt like the ending given was just so there could be a follow up book. I personally wanted this to be a standalone and play out the complete opposite of what it did... But like I said even if the ending is what it is the way it went down…. No. I’m not ok with it. It was rushed and slammed. Silence  isn't a long book and could have handled 30 more pages to make it something more. I wish the romance in this book would make up for the ending but sadly it didn't. I felt this book was just the sweeter version of Speak and it could have been similar and yet had something that made it standout.

5/10 Stars