Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Manwhore by Katy Evans

Rachel has been on the look out for The Story. The one that will help her job bounce back, and the one that will give her a name. What's a better story then Malcom Saint. Mysterious, womanizing, party going CEO?

"We don't fit," I say. "I just want to find a spot, warm not cold, with a nice view, everything I could want, and I want to stop moving and stay there- in that spot. and you will never stand still."..."I think we fit just right,"

The first thing I have to say about this book is... WHY HAS NO ONE COMPARED IT TO NEVER BEEN KISSED?!?!  I'm seriously upset about this. It's like the smutty version of it, and it plays a huge part in why I loved it.

Rachel, our reporter, was just assigned her first big story... Malcom Saint. Rachel is shy, motivated, and definitely not ready for what's headed her way. Saint is powerful, womanizing, and not looking for commitment. When it came to these two I was expecting something very different. With Rachel I was expecting her to be a strong-sassy-powerhouse but when she turned out to be more the opposite, I wont lie I was a little sad. Thankfully, as the story went on I found myself slowly liking her more and more. The last very chapters however she completely won me over. Malcom however was a very pleasant surprise for me. I was worried that with him we were going to get a mix of a Gabe Hamilton from Rush with Mr. Grey from 50 Shades... I prayed for it to lean more towards Rush. Turns out he wasn't either. He was so freaking sweet! The one thing I usually (almost always) hate in NA books involving "womanizing" men are that there is a lot of times the guy does a bunch of slutty acts  leading up to being with the girl. I almost always want them to leave out all the other ladies and  just focus on the two that are really involved. Thank the book godz that what Evans' did. These two were such an adorable pairing. They had me laughing and lusting.

Manwhore's plot is like I said above, a lot like Never Been Kissed. Reporter girl goes undercover, adorable meet-cute happens, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, shenanigans happen, and of course lies are uncovered. Just throw in some smutty fun times and wham you have Manwhore. The pacing of this book is what has me lowering my rating some. The first part of this book is all about adorable build up and fun run ins. It completely hooked me in. The middle (through hot) does slow down some. The romance scenes are well written and enjoyable, but there were moments that kind of threw me off. Actually only one. A scene involving a bet on cars. The scene just didn't do it for me. Remember reading it and actually saying "uhh yeah... NO". I just really felt that something was missing from the middle... Can't exactly put my finger on what though. Adorable dates- check. Sweet scenes with guy friends- check. Steamy moments that make you blush- check. Seriously have no clue what it is. The end of this book though... OMG!!! CLIFFHANGER!!!! Few NA books pull off cliffhangers well, but this one knocks it out of the park. *Minor spoiler* *that really isn't a spoiler* Clearly at some point in time we know that Saint is going to figure out that Rachel's big story is him... And will of course be heartbroken, but I had no idea that Evans' would leave the book off where she did. I really felt the same way reading this as I did watching the movie. You know at the end of NBK how she's standing on the pitchers mound, the clocks running out, the crowds cheering, and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for Mr. Coulson to come and kiss the crap out of Josie Grossie!!! Well it has the same feel! You can barely breath waiting to see what will happen! How will she end this?!?! Then Evans' drops a cliffhanging bomb on us, and our hearts our shattered. Trust me it didn't end how you're probably thinking or how I imagined it would either. I need book two like yesterday!

The beginning of this book awesome, the middle okay, and the ending wont lie had me misty eyed. Manwhore has a beautiful cover, a stupid title, and is 100% one of those good time reads. Really looking forward to adding other books from Evans to my TBR list.

8.5-maybe 9/10 Stars