Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shadowhunters Vs. Shadowhunters

The time has finally come. We are a few episodes into the new Shadowhunters TV show, and we have been asked countless times "so, which one do you like more? The TV show or the movie?". We figured we'd go ahead and break it all down for you in a classic SBSR battle. Well be starting with the main players in the show, working our way down to the smaller characters, and then lastly answering the big question.

Clary Fray
Kat McNamara vs. Lily Collins

Angela: My answer is a given on this one... Lily Collins.
Everything about Kat bothered me before the show and now
after it's just increased.
Leah:  Obviously Lily. Lily is queen and no one can ever fill her shoes.

Jace Wayland
Dom Sherwood vs. Jamie Campbell Bower


Angela: Think this will be another given but, Sexy Campbell Bower
is my pick. Dom's Jace persona feels forced and so does the romance.
Leah: Another vote for JCB. Dom just doesn't fit Jace's personality at all, but
most importantly he and Kat have ZERO chemistry.

Simon Lewis
Alberto Rosende vs. Robert Sheehan


Angela: This is my toughest choice on the entire list. I love everything about
both Rob and Alberto... but Alberto really just has something special
to him.
Leah: I'm going to go with Robert Sheehan on this one even
though I really love both of them.

Isabelle Lightwood
Emeraude Toubia vs. Jemma West


Angela: I like Jemma West attitude in the movie more, but
physically I think Emeraude captures Izzy better. Going out on a
limb here and going to say Emeraude. If they stop using her as a distraction and
start using her as the BA she is I think she could be outstanding.
Leah: Definitely Emeraude. I didn't like Jemma West as a pick for Isabelle at all.

Alec Lightwood
Matthew Daddario vs. Kevin Zegers

Angela: Kevin Zegers you fine, but Matt Daddario takes the cake.
Tall, dark, and oh so handsome. I will say I believed the friendship
between Kevin and Jamie more...but there's still time.
Leah: Why is this a question? Matthew Daddario, let me have your babies.

Jocelyn Fray
Maxim Roy vs. Lena Headey

Angela: There is no contest here. Lena Headey. She is all thing
badass. Maxim Roy is just awful.
Leah: 100000% agree with Angela on this one. Lena all the way.
Maxim Roy just isn't my kind of actress.

Magnus Bane
Harry Shum Jr. vs. Godfrey Gao

Angela: I was hoping Harry would wow us when it came to the part of
Magnus... but yup going with Godfrey.
Leah: This is my hardest pick because I'd really like to get weird with both of them.
After much deliberation, I'm going to go with Godfrey just because
I like his acting more. They both are stellar though.

Valentine Morgenstern
Alan Van Sprang vs. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Angela: I thought as soon as I saw the show I would like Alan better...
Nope, going with Jonathan. Pretty bad when a guy with mullet braids
beats you out.
Leah: JRM all the way. He plays such a good evil character!
I loved him as Henry VIII and I LOVE him as Valentine. 

Luke Garroway
Isaiah Mustafa vs. Aidan Turner

Angela: Calling a draw on this one. I like both equal, but at the same time
don't really think about either.
Leah: I think I'll go with Isaiah. He is so handsome and I really like his take on Luke.

Dorothea (Dot)
Vanessa Matsui vs. CCH Pounder

Angela: Vanessa is truly stunning, really she is, but that's it.
I wanted grit with my Dorothea and CCH Pounder is just an amazing actress.
Love her, so she's my choice.
Leah: Definitely CCH Pounder. I hate what they did with
Dorothea's character for the show.

Hodge Starkweather
Jon Cor vs. Jared Harris


Angela: Sup sexy, young, and fun new Hodge... Oh wait!?. They decided
in the show to give you a creepy "get in my van" mustache... Ummm yeah
gonna have to go with Jared Harris. And that voice!
Leah: Jared. I don't like the new take on Hodge. Leave well enough alone!
The Silent Brothers


Angela: The movie Silent Brothers freak me the F out. The TV show
Silent Brothers look like something from The House of Wax movie. So movie
Silent Brothers it is.
Leah: Movie Silent Bros. They are so scary, and the ones on the
TV show don't make me feel even a little bit of terror.

Now the real big questions...
TV show or Movie?


Angela: The Movie! People are so hard on the movie, and
I think now with the show being out they are going to look back on the movie
and see how good it actually is. The acting, the scenery, and the actual story
are just so past what they TV has given us so far.
Leah: Let's be real. The movie hands down. All hail Lily and JCB forever!