Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bright Side by Kim Holden

Kate Sedgewick is starting college at Grant this year. Moving away from her life in San Diego. Kate's life has never been easy, so when she arrives to Grant she just wants a low-key fun, and normal life. When she left San Diego she left behind her life long best friend, Gus. Gus recently signed a huge record deal nd his band Rook is taking off. Being "Bright Side" and all Kate decides that even though being somewhere new is tough, that she is going to make the best of everything. She plans on making the most of her college experience... That however, of course  doesn't include a relationship. We've all probably read enough Ya/Na books to know that doesn't go as planned. While getting her coffee fix Kate meets Keller. The baby faced-blue eyed-dream boat.

I wont lie... this book was pretty good, but I did have a few problems with it. My first problem was with connecting to the characters. I struggled hard to connect with Kate. She is so full of life, is laid back, and for the most part very interesting. However, something with her just didn't click with me, it's almost as if she was too laid back. It took me till almost the very end of the book to really feel like I understood her. Gus was another one that I was on the fence about till almost the end. I did warm up to him a lot quicker than Kate though. By the end of the book I was so fond of their friendship. Keller, however wasn't an issue. Right from the meet-cute he had me hooked. Loved everything about his character until the very end. The friendship, loyalty, and romance is all there and is very on point.

The only other thing that lowered the rating for me was the pace of the story was a little slower. This might just be a case of personal preference, but I thought the story was a little slower than I expected. Don't get me wrong, the strong was good and I was highly entertained, I think I was just expected something else. Again, even though this was a little slower I still really enjoyed the whole plot. Nothing ever really felt rushed or forced. I really enjoyed that the characters went out and did so much. That they're never really standing still (I know that sounds kind of like a contradiction to what I said about pacing, but I swear it's not). There were also some twist in this book... sadly I predicted them before they happened. Predicting them didn't really take away anything.

I was recommended this book by several people because I was asking for books that were tear-jerkers... When I got like 85% through this book I was worried that me predicting so much was going to make it so I didn't cry, but nope it didn't/ I was a blubbering mess by the end.

I really really liked Bright Side and I think if I wouldn't have struggled so much connecting with Kate, and would have had that immediate bond that this book would have received a prefect rating. I think this book would be perfect for anyone wanting to ease into NA, or readers who love Ya, but are looking for something that deeps it's toe into something a little more adult. I also thought this book would be one where I wouldn't be interested in reading the companion book, but thankfully I really want to read the book.

7.5/10 Stars