Saturday, September 17, 2016

How many books do you own?

Today I answer the age old question... the one I get asked the most... How many books do I own? As you can probably guess I finally counted!

This number isn't including: Ebooks, comics/graphics, art books, books friends or family are borrowing, the order I'm waiting on, and the few books I have in the boot of my car.

Before I get to the big reveal I'll answer a few questions I also get asked a lot about my shelves.

How do you organize them?
I have mine in alphabetical order my authors last name.

Where do you buy your cases? Do you like them?
I own the basic bookcases from Target. I actually don't! I would say if you're one of those people who likes to mix books with pictures frames or little items they would probably be great. However, I use mine strictly for books and the shelves have started to bow a bit.

White, black, or brown case color?
I use to be all about those black cases... Until I bought white ones. They go so much better with rooms. It's easier to find furniture pieces to go with them too.

How many bookcases do you have?
For just books I have 6 full size cases and recently had to start putting some on a half sized case in my room. For comics I have two half sized cases.

Where do you get all your books?
Mainly Bookoutlet and Bookdepo. If I want to shop local I hit up Blue Bicycle books, and of course Barnes and Nobles.

Most books on one case?
The most I counted on one was 122!

Now for the biggie.
How many books do I own?..
640! Yes, you read that right! I own 640 books!
The weirdest part of this is that it landed on such a solid number.
Before counting I tried to guess how many I'd end up having and I figured around 400-450. Completely floored when it ended up being over 600!