Friday, September 26, 2014

Maze Runner Movie Review

Haven’t seen The Maze Runner movie yet??!! Loved the books yet contemplating if your love will carry over to the soon to be movie trilogy… Have no fear Leah and I are here with all the skinny on the book to movie.

Much like the Divergent movie it was a film that you know you're going to go in to comparing with the book, but you just need to keep an open mind and try to remember one is a movie and one is the book. Another thing is that it was just around two hours long and should have been two and a half hours with them adding those tiny little extras that would have really take this movie to the next level. There were so pretty big and some small changes from the book. A few I noticed were these…

 • Thomas starts to remember things from his past almost right away. He smacks his head against the ground and wham he remembers the past and starts having flashbacks. It even shows him flashing back to being in the lab with Teresa and speaking with the Creators, when in the book that comes way later.
 • In the book the serum to save people from the stings is kind of taken for granted and even though it’s not readily available they do have it. To keep from using it they just keep from the grievers.
• Teresa doesn’t spend like anytime in a coma. (side-note: she is probably the only person I didn’t like who they choose to play her. She basically is like Kristen Stewart's cousin).
 • A device which Minho and Thomas take from a Griever they kill helps them find the Grievers entrance and unlocks hidden parts of the maze. There is no cliff to jump off either.
 • Teresa and Thomas aren’t telepathic
 • In the movie Alby and Thomas get along fairly well, which I didn’t really like. Alby didn't nearly come off as the BA leader that he does in the book.
 • Minho is more of a BA in the movie than in the book. (which we approve of). They left out the scene where Minho tries to make Thomas the Keeper of the Runners which I really thought would've added to the film.
 • The maze is constructed of 8 marked areas each which open up on different days. The patterns in the maze are different and the codes the kids need to use to escape is found in the numbers of the areas rather than the words spelled out by the maze over a long period of time. This did as far as watching the movie make it easier to follow.
 • There weren’t as many Griever attacks in the movie as there were in the book. Probably do to time constraints. Instead of them just taking kids here and there when they came they came hard. They were super scary too. I (Leah) kind of envisioned them in the book to be like robotic cow things whereas in the movie they are these robotic spider Predator creatures.
 • Gally takes over as the leader for a quick little minute. (side note- Gally's eyebrows are on point the whole movie. Why can't my eyebrows naturally arch like that?)
 • AND THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE… THE ENDING!!! I don’t want to give away all the spoils but there were so big chunks of the ending missing.

But the good news is that there has been such a good turn out for the movie that The Scorch Trials already has a premiere date. Don't make any plans for September 18, 2015!

And if you needed any convincing whether you should see the movie or not... Well, I'm just going to leave this here:

Dylan O'Brien
-A & L