Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Angela's September Recap

Angela’s September Reads
-Throne of Glass- Sarah J. Maas
-Crown of Midnight- Sarah J. Maas
-Heir of Fire- Sarah J. Maas
-White Hot Kiss- Jennifer L. Armentrout
-Hex Hall- Rachel Hawkins
-Demon Glass- Rachel Hawkins
-Midnight Thief- Livia Blackburne
-Anywhere- Jon Robinson
-Nowhere- Jon Robinson
-Altered- Jennifer Rush
-Erased-Jennifer Rush
-Vault of Dreamers- Caragh M. O’Brien
-The Winner’s Curse- Marie Rutkoski
-The Winner’s Crime- Marie Rutoski (ARC)
-Forsaken- Lisa Stasse
-Rush-Eve Silver
-Infinite Sea- Rick Yancey
-Rot and ruin- Jonathan Mayberry (I am currently broken up with Rot and Ruin and have placed it in the friend zone for now.)

My top choice(s) for September are…. Drum roll please!.. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas and Rush by Eva Silver. I’m only going to post my review Crown of Midnight right now and then in October I’ll schedule my review Rush.  September was a hard month to pick a top choice because I loved almost everything I read, but these two books had standout performances.

September Favorite- Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
So Crown of Midnight!!!! WOW... JUST WOW!

I can't… I can't even speak. This book deserves more than Ten Stars!!!

Crown of Midnight is the second installment of the Throne of Glass series (rumor is there are going to be six books in total; yes I did squeal after saying that). In no way, shape, or form did I think I would love this series as much as I do. I had the first book on my TBR list for months! I finally caved in after seeing so many of my fellow blogger going on and on about this series. (I may or may not have finished all three books in one weekend.) After reading the first one I was worried the second one wouldn’t live up. In my review of TOG I said how much I liked Celaena; because I do, but I also mentioned that I thought that something was missing. I now know what that is; because I got it in this book. I wanted more from Celaena, more fighting, more of her story, more badassassin. THANK YOU SARAH MAAS for giving me everything I wanted and more in a book. This book picks up where the first one ended Celaena has won the title of champion (trust me that isn’t a spoiler) and is about to start her contract with the King to be his assassin (which of course opens up the door and lets in all the crazy). Oh and yeah were talking about the same king that threw her in the salt mines in now her boss… or so he thinks. Celaena has a mission of her own, because we all know from book one NO MAN tells her what to do. (As Leah and I like to say she’s all “Swords before lords and daggers before swagger”)  She’s not the only one with her own agenda Chaol and Dorian are not far behind her.  Celaena really steps up her BA game, ya girl is kicking A and taking names. I don’t want to give away to much because this is a 2014 must read, but Celaena may or may not reach her breaking point and start cracking skulls. There are so many amazing twist and turns and the ending with have you flipping over furniture and calling a clean up on aisle five from having your mind blown.

10/10 Stars