Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#WCW Author Edition

So since we are social media whores we thought it would be totes cute to do a #wcw for our favorite lady authors! This post has potential spoilers, so beware! 

1. Jennifer L. Armentrout: Anything JLA writes is gold to us. We would basically read her grocery list and love it, as Angela once put it. The way she builds her characters and brings the romance in a not so cheesy way is so awesome. She makes you feel all the feels with the hotties while also giving you action, drama, and humor as well. She could make a Gargoyle eating cookie dough sound hot, we know this because she has. She is the total package as far as we are concerned. She is our #1 person to meet at YALLFest this year and the person we are most likely to stalk at the RT convention. We even ordered Lux themed t-shirts to wear so we can fangirl out with her!
Favorite books: Lux series and White Hot Kiss.

2. Tahreh Mafi: Seriously, have you looked at this lady? First of all, she is beautiful beyond words with a style all her own (what we would give for a shopping spree in her closet). She also wrote one of our favorite series, Shatter Me, and for us took YA to an entirely new level. For me (Leah), I was still a little skeptical about the fantasy portion of YA (the main characters have "powers") and the first book has a very unique writing style... but OMG. This book. It had me laughing and crying and feeling every emotion. By the end of the series I was so worn out emotionally that I had the biggest book hangover that I JUST COULDN'T EVEN. She had me cheering for one character and then broke my heart and then bound it back together and broke it again and then HAD THE BEST ENDING EVER. For me (Angela) I'm a huge lover of poetic one liners and deep metaphors and she is the master of them; so from page one she had me by my heartstrings. She has also written one of my all time favorite character, Kenji. Her book reminds me so much of X-men which is another reason I couldn't get enough. Seriously, how many books have you read that actually make you feel complete at the end? No crazy cliffhangers or unanswered questions (yes we're looking at you, Lauren Oliver). It is so amazing.
 Favorite books: Shatter Me series 

3. Kierra Cass: We had no idea what to expect going into these books. Dystopian novel meets realty TV meets a monarchy? WUT? But as someone smarter than me once said "don't judge a book by its cover" (because we were totally embarrassed to be seen with this princess looking covers at first). This book is so much more than a girl who gets swept into a competition to be queen. It has so much heart break and emotion that I didn't see coming. There are a few side stories too that really tug at your heart (hello guard and Marlee). I hated some characters but by the end LOVED them. She really takes character development to a new all time high. This is another book that had us in tears by the ending.... Didn't see some of those twists coming. We had to order a crane to come in to pick our jaws up off the floor. Kierra has two more books coming out for this series (no publication dates so far) AND I CANNOT WAIT. She is also on our top list to meet at YALLFest. Not to mention she is from Charleston so shout out to our southern lady!!! So please don't judge these books by their semi cheese covers and go out and buy it!
Favorite books: The Selection series 

<3 A&L