Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren

Harlow and Finn's marriage might have only lasted 12 hours after a wild weekend in Vegas, and they might be total opposites and despise each other, but there's no denying their chemistry when these two get together.

IVE SAID THIS EXACT SENTENCE A MILLION TIMES. I LOVE CHRISTINA LAUREN! They continue to climb up my list of favorite NA authors. After reading the first book Sweet Filthy Boy I knew I had to continue this series. Dirty Rowdy Thing didn’t disappoint!

In DRT we are following Harlow and Finn. Harlow comes from a pretty impressive background with both her parents being in the film industry, while Finn is the complete opposite working/running a fishing company. If you’ve read the first one you remember the trip to Vegas and that these two remained married for all of 12 hours before coming to their senses. Harlow is a firecracker, with so much sass and brass. Finn however is the complete opposite. He is the laid back quite hard working mans man. The only things these two have in common is their both dripping with sarcasm and can't seem to stay away from one another.

When Finn and Harlow finally see each other again they are right back to where they started… Throwing insults at each other while not being able to keep their hands off one another. But these two together OMG I just loved it so much!!!!! I love their banter, how they pretend not to care when it’s so clear they do, and I love how their relationship builds. I love that they are actual friends among other things.  Harlow is a leading lady I really enjoyed hearing and her carefree ways are just to die for. I feel like a lot of times the ladies in NA books can be bit annoying, but this was never an issue with her… But Finn, he takes the cake! AMAZING!!!! I love that at first he is so guarded then when he let them walls down, I was COMPLETELY SOLD!!!! SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED I'M YOURS!!!! HE WAS SO FREAKING SWEET!!!! And he managed to do this one thing I really loved… He was speaking and talking about how beautiful she is when she first wakes and I just turned to mush! 90% of what he said had me a puddle on the floor! Plus he's Canadian... Which is my male kryptonite. 

Though SWT has been my favorite so far in this series DRT definitely stepped it up when it came to steam. Way hotter than the first. And oh boy did I enjoy the new level they took it. I also really enjoyed the way they continue to add a unique elements into their writing that gives their books a little something more. There’s always something they add that just makes for the perfect twist, and again it’s nothing you'll see coming. The plot is never dull, the smut is so smutty and good, and the ending had me so giddy. Their writing style was changed up a bit in this book as well, and it was 100% a plus. A lot more depth and poetic than the previous novels I've read of theirs. Each scene perfectly expressed in a way I haven't seen them do before. My only complaint is one I can’t full share because of spoils. However something happens and it kind of got under my skin but was soon righted (so perfectly righted) and I returned too the island of loving any and everything these two ladies write.

So happy that what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. 

9.5/10 Stars