Monday, August 17, 2015

Fictional Book Boyfriends Pt 9

August is here and how we manage to put up with this heat is beyond us!?! And were not taking about being outside *eyebrow wiggle*.  A new month+ new men= we get weird on a new post. Below is a list of our dream casting for the leading men in the books we've read recently. Some people might also refer to these as fictional book boyfriends or Iflist... We could careless what you call them as long as you do. 
To see our previous picks just click here and to see the reviews for the books themselves just click their titles.

The Devils Intern by Donna Hosie 
Boy gets hit by greyhound bus and must find his way out of Hell. 

Austin Butler as Mitchell
We'd gladly walk through Hell for you.*Gun Fingers*

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren 
Fishermen peruses women he was married to for 12 hours.

Matt Noszka as Finn
There might be plenty of fish in the sea but he's the only one for me.

Clipped Wings Duo by Helena Hunting
Tattoo artist falls for the girl who works at the bookstore.

Stephen James as Hayden
That summary is LITERALLY our dream. 

The Fever Series by Karen Moning
Girl goes to Ireland to revenge sisters death and teams up with mysterious man.

Anthony Gastelier as Jericho Barrons
I don't care who you are. Where you're from. What you did. As long as you love me.

The Dark Elements Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Girl with fatal gift winds up in an interesting love triangle with Prince of the under-world and a gargoyle.

Charlie Matthews as Roth
He is so hot even Hell couldn't contain him.

Devin Paisley as Zayne
Stone... Not stone... Either way we want to bone... Creepy? Oh well.