Saturday, April 30, 2016

Angela's April Wrap-Up

Dragonfly in Amber- Diana Gabaldon
Angela: Asgard's Assassin- Kieron Gillen
I'll Meet You There- Heather Demetrios
Too Late- Colleen Hoover
172 Hours on the Moon- Johan Harstad
Nerve- Jeanne Ryan
Harley Quinn & Her Band of Harley's- Jimmy Palmiotti
Kindred Spirits- Rainbow Rowell
A Court of Thorns and Roses- Sarah J. Maas (re-read)

April was basically a month where I said "I'm going to read so much and crush it this month!", and then decided to do the exact opposite. I have been dragging me feet the entire time! I think I've fallen hard into a reading slump... Which freaking sucks because I know my May reading will also be lagging because we'll be spending a week in Chicago. I really need to pick up my feet and get going, but at the same time sometimes you just have to embrace the suck and wait it out. And of course binge watch Netflix.

On that note I'll get into my favorites and least favorites of April.

Favorites: Dragonfly in Amber, I'll Meet You There, Too Late, and A Court of Thorns and Roses. I decided to listen to Dragonfly in Amber on audio book this month, clearly because the second season of Outlander is starting, and how could I not! Such a brilliant idea too! Broke my freaking heart! I can't get enough Jamie Fraser, but this series has me so stressed out. Can't wait to see how closely the show follows. I'll Meet You There was a book I'd heard nothing but stellar things about, and God I love when reviews and recommendations end up being right! I'm not a contemporary fan, but this book really got to me. It was funny, deep, and the perfect amount of romance. Oh and can we please talk about how amazing the cover is!!! Too Late is the newest book by Colleen Hoover and if up on WattPad to read for free. I think the reason I liked this book so much was because it is so different from what CoHo usually does. It was a lot darker and a bit more fast paced than what I am use to from her. Lastly, ACOTAR. This was a re-read for me but with the second book in the series coming out the first week of May I knew I needed a fresh. So freaking happy I picked it up again. There were so many little things I had forgotten and now I'm counting down the days until I have my hands on Mist and Fury!

Fails: Even though I thought I was going to have so many fails this one I only have one, Nerve. I couldn't freaking stand this book. I picked it up because it's becoming a movie later on this year with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. These are two actors I really enjoy so I figured I'd knock this one out before I went to see the film... This usually is a good idea, but in this case I kind of wish I wouldn't have read it at all. The lead female in this book was one of the most annoying protagonist I've ever experienced. Hoping that the film will take the book in a more daring route. I would say if you're looking for a book similar just pick up Panic by Lauren Oliver.

Well that's all as far as my April reading goes that's it. I did mention that well be in Chicago for a week in may, and that's because well be going to both BEA and to Bookcon this year! Were both so excited about it, and it might be the reason that I've been so slumpy lately. I'm already in vacation mode! Oh we are also finally going to get to meet Rick Yancey this month too, which is a dream come true.

I thought that at the end of these I might start just letting yall know what I'm currently reading. I usually am only reading one maybe two books at a time. but figured some might wanna know what I'm juggling right now. Going into May I'm currently reading The Rose and the Dagger,  The Winner's Kiss, and Lady Midnight.

That's it for April