Saturday, September 26, 2015

Angela's Summer Favorites

I'm going to start doing something a little new and at the "end" of every season I'll be giving a little wrap up on some of my favorite things. The main reason it's a little different is because I'm not just going to be talking about books. De-stress yo chest, and don't worry I'll still talking about books and bookish items. I'll be listing off things like my top summer reads, movies, reviewer, and discussing some of the other things I got into this past season. These are my choices for the months of June, July, and August.

Top Five Summer Reads:
These are my favorite reading picks of the summer and the ones I gave the highest ratings on Goodreads and our blog. These will only include fresh reads for me and nothing that I happened to re-read. (in no order): 
  1. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. A young Prince takes a new bride every night and then kills her the following morning. After Shazi's best friend meets the same fate she decides to seek revenge. For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Sabaa Tahir.
  2.  Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren. Harlow and Finn hate each other. This probably explains why their Vegas marriage only lasted 12 hours. Even after separating these two constantly find themselves drawn back to one another. For fans of Colleen Hoover and Helena Hunting.
  3.  Fractured Suns by Theresa Kay. With time running out Jax must find a way to save both the human race and the alien race she's come to know. For fans of Rick Yancy and .
  4.  The Devil's Intern by Donna Hosie. Mitchell Johnson has been living in Hell working as the Devil's intern since being hit by a Greyhouse bus. When he hears about a time traveling device he decides this might be his best chance of getting out of Hell. For fans of Cristin Terrill and Libba Bray.
  5.  Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Layla has a lot going on in her life. She has to chose between the sexy prince of the under world Roth and long time best friend gargoyle warden Zayne; all while fighting demons and trying to keep up with school work. For fans of Amy Bartol and Victoria Scott.
If you haven't had a chance to pick any of these up, after this post run straight to your local bookstore and buy them all!  

Top Summer Movies:
We all know I see a lot of movies, and I thought choosing just one or two favorites would be hard. Turns out it wasn't My top movie of the summer are:

  1. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl. Me Earl and the Dying Girl is about an unlikely friendship and how it can make the difference in a time of darkness. This movie had everyone in the theater laughing till their sides hurt and then crying their eyes out. This film could easily be the best book adaptation I'll see this year.
  2. Dope. Dope is about how stereotypes and racism still effect us even in 2015. This movie smacks you with a huge message, and will leave you with your jaw dropped. The closing scene of this film gave me head to toe goosebumps.  Lindsey and I saw this movie on a whim and were both surprised by how much we liked it and walked out the theater satisfied. 

Even though these films are polar opposites they both have two things in common. First they both gave us a cast of amazing, fresh, and talented new comers. Second I think both these films were way under-hyped. Neither of them getting the spotlight they deserve.

Top Summer TV Shows: 
Okay, so not all of these came out this summer, but these just happened to be the shows I got really into. (in no order)
  1.  Arrow. This would probably be my top pick as far as shows went. I didn't think I was going to like it, but was completely wrong!!! I'm obsessed! Even from episode one I was hooked. I spent many a night curled up in a blanket marathoning this guilty pleasure. The story line is crazy insane and with a full rosters of hotties Arrow is a must watch.
  2. Game of Thrones Season 5. This might not have been my favorite season so far, but still packed a mighty punch... Oh and way to leave us hanging on everything and everyone! 
  3. Switched at Birth. Yup, I got sucked into this show. It's so bad good. I constantly found myself wondering why I was watching it, yet couldn't turn away. 
  4. How to Get Away with Murder. Even though I just finished watching season one (perfectly in time for the premiere of season two) I started watching it at the beginning of the summer. All I'm going to say about this amazing show is that Viola Davis is a total Badass.

Top Summer Book Reviewer:
This summer I stumbled upon a Youtube channel that has quickly become one of my favorites. This booktuber is quirky, funny, interesting, and it doesn't hurt that her choices in both clothes and makeup are so on point. *Drum roll please*... Ms Riley Marie.

This little firecracker of a booktuber does everything: hauls, reviews, book tags and more. All her videos leave me in stitches and it always brightens my mornings when I see she's posted a new video. Love seeing this girl share her awkward social book situations and completely relate to her "no book buying bans" that turn into massive book buying hauls. Girl I get it, book buying situations escalate quickly and who can say no to Bookoutlet's crazy amazing sales???!!! No one I want to know! Another reason she's become one of my favorites is because she's also not scared to talk New Adult and even sometimes smutty reads. Riley's love for books can be clearly seen in all her videos and reviews. 

If you love watching booktube videos as much as I do I would high recommend subscribing to her page. 

Top Summer Music: 

This was an easy easy pick... Halsey's Badlands album. I have been playing this on repeat all summer!  Gasoline, Hold Me Down, Colors, and Coming Down are my  jams. There's no doubt you've seen this artist popping up everywhere lately. Recently named on of Elle magazine's 2015 Women of music. This entire album is perfect for early morning runs or as light background music while reading.

Added bonus this cd is like ten dollars at target.