Monday, September 14, 2015

Fictional Book Boyfriends Pt 10

Labor Day is upon us and with "Summer coming to an end"... but just like the south this post is still hot! Below we give you a list of our "dream cast" for the leading men in the books we've been reading lately. This list is also often referred to as an IfList or Fictional Book Boyfriends. This is also the first time we've picked someone for a graphic novel... Clearly we're doing big things.

To see our previous picks just click here and to see the reviews for the books themselves just click their titles. If the book doesn't have a current review posted there should be one up shortly.

  Y: The Last Man by Brain Vaughan 
Everything with a Y chromosome dies from an unexplained plague
 leaving only one man and his pet monkey left alive.

Alex Koch as Yorick Brown
Suddenly having to re-populate the world is looking real good.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher 
Stranger kidnaps girl in a busy airport then forces her to live with him in the desert.

Xavier Samuel as Ty 
Let's just say he wouldn't have to kidnap to get us to go with him..
Willingly would be an understatement... and well pack smores.

Amber to Ashes by Gail McHugh 
Girl goes off to college to leave broken past behind and ends up falling for two best friends.

Devin Paisley as Brock Cunningham
 Whoosh... need a moment to cool down... scroll down please

Ryley Lanteigne as Ryder Ashcroft
We would love too be the ham in this man sandwich.

Diamonds by K. A. Linde 
High-school student starts steamy love affair with wealthy mystery man. 

Micah Truitt as Jude
Sign us up for having dirty secrets if this face is involved.