Friday, September 18, 2015

The Scorch Trials Movie Review

We have a lot to talk about when it comes to The Scorch Trials movie. I think we both can agree on three things. First that we were both very excited to see this movie because of all three books it was our favorite. Second that we were both very nervous about how this was going to play out on the big screen. Third that when the movie ended we were both very surprised about how we felt about it. Of course we went on a date last night to see the early screening of it. 

This review might be a ramble jamble insanely unorganized review but whatever that is kind of our thing... So here we go.

First TST had a lot, A LOT of changes from the book. We knew going into it that this was going to be happening. The fact that things would be changed was never hidden from us. There were clear and present changes in: How they spent their time in the WICKED compound, some of the events that played out while there, where they end up after the compound, what happens when they are in the scorch, what happens when they meet up with the rebels, what the infected look like, characters deaths, characters relationships, and pretty much the entire ending. These are only some of the changes as well. However, don't let that get you down, these changes were good ones! Some of the scenes in the book can be a little confusing, but it was all adapted so well for the big screen.  Plus there are still a lot of things that were present from the book as well. TST movie also goes a lot darker than the book and a lot of other YA adaptions. Almost receiving an R rating. The language is more "mature" along with stepping up the amount of violence and gore.

We know that a lot of people were worried about the cranks and what they would end up being like. It has been a good minute since either of us have read the books, but if we're not mistaken we believe in the book they were more human with a side of wonky infected brain.We remember them walking a more normal pace and being able to speak. In the movie they took it in a World War Z direction and were straight up one step away from The Walking Dead. WE LOVED THIS. It had us so stressed out and waiting on the edge of our seats for when they would come out. They were so scary! There is one scene in particular when Brenda and Thomas go down into the tunnels.... Even in the book it sounded scary, but the movie takes it to another level. There are a lot of moments were you don't know WTF is going on and then these crazy things just pop out from no where. Good thing Dylan O'Brien was there to protect us.

The cast was a surprise too. It turned out to be super star packed. We have of course one of the stars from Teen Wolf play Thomas (Dylan O'Brien). Who was originally a worry for a lot of people because everyone seemed to think he looked "too MTV" (why is this a bad thing again?). He continues to make a Thomas. The other crazy actors we got were: Clary from the soon to be Shadow
TV show, the Los Pollos guy from Breaking Bad, a girl who looks like Zoey Kravitz (she's apparently a British model?), Little finger from GOT (and yes he's as big a dick in this as he is in that), and that's not our only GOT star, we got Jojen Reed (he is so adorable it hurts). No wait there's more... We get this guy from Arrest Development (the second you see him you'll say "how the F do I know this guy") and then to round it all we get the motha effin sniper from Saving Private Ryan. Seriously it's one scene after another of "wait a second... is that Los Pollos the freaking chicken meth dealer from Breaking Bad.... Yes Yes it is.... OMG SAVING PRIVATE RYAN!" We were freaking dying with laughter when we finally figured out who half the people were and why they looked so familiar. Each character brings SO much to the table and does a killer job with their role.

It's been awhile since We've had this much fun watching a movie. Think a lot of extreme and professional movie critics have been way too harsh on this film. We both really enjoyed it. There's a lot more holes filled in in this one than the first, there's a butt ton more action, and the changes made increased the story-line. Let's be real though, it is pretty dang hard to translate something from print to screen. Especially when it comes to a YA dystopian fantasy where you have crazy scenes from James Dashner's head. Like when they first enter the Scorch and the one kid's head gets popped off by some lead balloon thing... How the F were they going to translate that to the big screen? The director and screenwriters did a great job deciding what was important and what could be changed to be a little easier for a movie. Overall, it was fantastic. Fast paced, gripping, and a ton of fun. The Scorch Trials in our opinion was better than the first. Yes, again there are a lot of changes. Yes, this plot is again super fast paced. Yes, a lot of information is thrown at you. No, this movie might not be for everyone. But the both of us as fans of the series really enjoyed this adaptation and left the theater both happy and satisfied. To us the opinion of fellow book readers, no matter if they loved or hated the books, matters more to us than movie critics opinions.

We've said this before and we'll say it again; we had the pleasure of meeting James Dashner at an event last year. Since it was an event were only a limited number of people could attend we got to actually spend time with him and talk. We have met a lot of authors and he is hands-down still one of our favorites. He took so much time talking, signing everything you brought, answering questions, and has such a bright personality. He was everything you hope an author will be when you meet them. Trust us when we say that not all authors who we've met having the same success he is, are as pleasent to be around *Cough Veronica Roth Cough*. The fact that he fangirled with us about Dylan O'Brien also had us sold. He has us very excited to see what they do with The Death Cure.

-8.5/10 Stars