Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

Lola and Oliver's marriage might have only lasted a handful of hours, but even after they ended it their friendship remained. Both are so comfortable around each other and see their friendship being perfect... So why ruin a good thing?

I feel like I say this every time I read one of their books... But this just became my favorite Christina Lauren book. 

Dark Wild Night continues to follow the story of what happens after three friends go to Vegas and end up marrying three men they met while there. This time we follow Lola and Oliver.

I can't even start to express how much I loved these two characters. Lola is completely different from any other female lead they have given us in the past. First off Christina Lauren often write these bubbly strong in your face leading ladies you love, but this time they give us Lola. She is a shy-timid-a tiny bit antisocial writer of a recently opted for film graphic novel. Like serious, how can I not like her!?! She reads and writes badass comics! Speaking of comics it brings us to our lead male... Oliver. The steamy Aussie that owns his own comic book store. Y'all not only is Lola my favorite female, Oliver is my favorite male. He is perfection! He had me realizing that we don't have nearly enough nerdy leading guys in books. The last time I got an adorable nerdy boo was Simon and that was way back when City of Bones came out... LITERARY WORLD WE ARE LACKING IN NERDY MALE LEADS PLEASE CHANGE THIS!!! Because Oliver yall... GOOD GOD, is so yummy. Has me head over heels!

The relationship between these two is next level lovey. I love that it's usually the girl having to work around the guys hectic work schedule in books like these, but in this one they flipped it and strayed away from a pattern that would be easy to fall into. They have a leading lady who is owning her job and her success and a man who is fully ready to support. Plus they highlighted something so very important, feminism. Yeah you read that right! They manage to bring up feminism in a new adult romance book, and they do it flawlessly! Lola stances on how people interview her had me wanting to jump straight into this book and high-five the shit out of her! Bold move CL, very bold move; loved it. Oh and major props on the massive amount of comic book references! They had me so giddy about all the little bits they added in. Everything from the Sex Criminals reference to the hilarious DareDevil movie joke completely sealed the deal. They also continue to break the norm by giving us a leading man who isn't an A-hole turns nice guy. Yeah, I love those stories as much as the next, but it's great when the nice guy doesn't finish last. Oh and I know that most of the secondary characters are ones we've seen before but I can't post this review and not talk about Not-Joe. He has to be one of my all time favorite side characters. Every scene he is had me dying!!!! Every bizarre comment that leaves is mouth kills and brings the best comic relief.

This story is such a feel good read and keeps that feeling the whole time. All the sexual tension will have you frantically flipping through pages to find out what will happen next. From page one you'll be cheering for these two love birds and their unique flirty friendship too turn into something more. I loved that this book took a different direction plot wise than the two previous ones. It wasn't about waiting for a plot twist bomb to drop, it was all about the building of a relationship. All about taking a friendship to the next level. I know how much people love the Beautiful Bastard Series but in my opinion the Wild Season Series surpasses it. It has such a hilarious concept and then these two back it up. These two writers get romance and have yet to let me down.

I loved this friends to lovers second chance romance story. This is a summer must read.

10/10 Stars