Monday, December 29, 2014

Angela's December Readcaps

December is coming to an end, and I know that we are posting our December Reads earlier than normal but we have a few things that we will be posting in the next couple of days that will really round out our year. As far as December reading went well... IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME! Since it was also this little holiday that you might have also heard of called Christmas I got a few book things from that I will be posting as well! 
This December has been one of the best!

Below are the books I read in December, all which were hard to get too between vacations, holidays, and work. Either way everything I read was so good, barely any fails (sadly when I typed that I did the whoop whoop sound while raising the roof.)  Also below I'm gonna put my top and not so hot choices and some of my Christmas presents. So lets go! (and now I snapped and did gun fingers... Wow I need to stop.)

The Truth About Alice- Jennifer Mathieu

Rush- Maya Banks
Fever- Maya Banks
Burn- Maya Banks 
Captive- Aimee Carter
Outlander- Diana Gabaldon
The Young Elites- Marie Lu
Filthy 1-4- Megan D. Martin
Uninvited- Sophie Jordan
Everneath- Ashton Brodie (broke up with)
Ugly Love- Colleen Hoover
The Book of Ivy- Amy Engel
Don't Look Bank- Jennifer L. Armentrout
Pushing the Limits- Katie McGarry
Wicked- Jennifer L. Armentrout
Love, Rosie-
Josin L. McQuein (broke up with)
Wait for You- Jennifer L. Armentrout
Unite Me- Tahereh Mafi
Raw- Belle Aurora
Maybe Someday- Colleen Hoover 
Paper Towns- John Green (re-read)
Love Letters to the Dead-
Keep Me Safe- Maya Banks

Now for the best and worst. Feeling jazzy so I'm gonna mix it up and I'm gonna start with my biggest let-downs. Yes I did drop two books this month, Arclight (which I plan to try and revisit later) and Everneath. But I'm not counting those in my choice since they weren't completed. To me the biggest let-downs were... 
  • Captive by Aimee Carter. It's the second in the Blackcoat Rebellion Series/Pawn 2. The first book Pawn was SO amazing one of the best I had read in a long time. I waited so long to get my hands on book two that I was really let down by how much this book didn't bring it. I have the review posted if you wanna see fully why.
  • Filthy1-4 by Megan D. Martin. This is probably the worst book(s) I've ever read. They were disgusting and so aggravating. My review for them are in the links above as well. Can't express how much I hated these books. 
And now to the good stuff... My top pick is... Well actually there are four!!! And yeah I'm refusing to pick just one! They were all just that good. Each one of these I gave 10/10 stars too. Review are up for all of these and the link are in their titles in the list above.

  • Raw by Belle Aurora is my first pick. Girl falls in love with her stalker and their relationship only get crazier from there. This book was shocking moment after shocking moment. The ending alone had me freaking out.
  • The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu. This book in my opinion is the closet depiction of how high-school is. The book is told from several POVs all leading up the the final one which is Alice's. This book couldn't have been better. 
  • Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. An amazing new spin on a relationship between two musicians completely blew me away. With surprises you wont see coming this book not only is a top pick for me for December but one of my top picks this year.
  • Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. A nurse and Pilot have a rocky relationship built around secrets. This book whoosh... This book was just perfect! One of my favorite stand-alones this year. Colleen Hoover is just simply amazing and never fails to not leave me in tears. If I had to pick just one to be my top pick this would be the one.
To wrap this all up I'll leave you with some of the book-ish things I got for Christmas. I got a lot, A LOT of Barnes and Nobles gift cards, and some of the book I read this month I used the cards to get. I also received lots of cash... Which just meant more books/books to come. I also got a Rune car sticker from Leah but it's also not featured because I need to wash my car before I put it on. I'm really not big on celebrations or holidays so people getting me these gifts was really above and beyond. Everything was so perfectly chosen for me. 

Since I really don't love holidays my husband always lets me open my gifts early... by lets me I mean I always sucker him into giving them to me early... and by early I do mean early like..... November and the start of December. Yup I'm the worst lol. Anyways one of the gift he gave me was a gift cards so I used it to purchase the UK cover editions of The Throne of Glass Series and The Hunger Games Trilogy. For some of you who might not know, I LOVE and collect UK covers for book series. These two series are my favorites so far. The white covers of TOG are so perfect. They stand out from other editions of books. Speaking of standing out The Hunger Games Rebel UK editions are amazing. This picture doesn't do it justice they are so bright. The back and spines of the books have two different and important quotes from that book on it. Loved being able to add these to my growing collection. 

Some of the other things I got were... A signed copy of The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings. Leah got me this book and I was so surprised. Since Lindsay hasn't been able to tour in our area we haven't gotten a chance to meet and have her sign them before so her ordering this for me was amazing. Then my boss got me, probably my favorite gift, a signed and personalize Top Fit Men 2015 Calendar... You're probably wondering why This is in here with all my book stuff, well it's because the cover/main model in it is Nick Bateman. If you follow me on anything than you probably already know who he is, but for those of you who don't he is going to be playing Miles Archer in the movie adaptation of Ugly Love. My sister gave me these amazing Theo James earrings, which I will more than likely turn into necklaces for Leah and I. Then my husband got me a new and HUGE book shelf since my other ones were double stacked some even triple stacked with books. Leah and I will probably do a bookshelf tour sometime in January because people are always asking about them. Plus we just reorganized them this weekend SO be on the look out.

We will be posting our Awards this week along the full list of what we've read this year. We will also have a post about what we have coming up in 2015 dropping on January first.