Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Raw by by Belle Aurora

 Raw by Belle Aurora
As soon as Lexi turned sixteen, she left home and took her chances on the street. Now, at the age of twenty-six she's educated, employed and amazing at her job. There's only one thing not amazing about her life now... She's being stalked. Someone that should scare her doesn't. So you're probably  wondering how a person falls in love with their stalker?This is how.
"Not everyone can be a fairy-tale hero... The world needs villains too." 

Angela here... To answer the age old question... Are stalkers hot? The answer is YES, yes they are hot.

Pretty sure Raw just moved to my all time favorites list. Everything from the plot to the characters were perfecto! Seriously, girl falls in love with her stalker; PERFECT CONCEPT!

The story focuses around two characters Lexi and Twitch. Lexi, oh Lexi; I loved how strong, independent and hilarious she was. She was an awesome leading lady that gave readers a ton of surprises. Is she insane, probably. She knows shes being stalked but since he has never done anything as far as she knows but watch she's never felt the need to tell anyone. Between the two characters it was very clear that Lexi had by far the most character development. Her emotions were all over the place, strong, then weak, then strong again, and sometimes you wanted to scream "get to the point"... But with the twist and turns that would follow the situation your jaw would be on the floor. Then there's Twitch... Holy sweet tattooed gods above, there's twitch. Everything about him was different from any other leading male I've ever read. He would go from hot too cold so fast it would give you whiplash. I absolutely loved his character. I love that Belle wrote to give him so much development, but did it in such small ways you didn't pick up on it right away, then it would smack you in the face. My favorite thing though was the way he looked. Tall and super tattooed. Like almost every inch tattooed. So when he's being described it made him new and interesting to hear about... and hot so freaking hot. Did I mention he has a candy obsession... Yep if you didn't think you'd fall in love with him when you start reading you will after that. Both Twitch and Lexi are amazing written and dynamic characters.

Their relationship is a flippin mess!!! The whole time I kept going back and forth between if I loved it or if I wanted it too end. Who am I kidding, I loved it so much. I loved that even though he's her stalker he would flip the script.

"Did I seriously just get rejected by my stalker? What the fuck?" 

The banter between the two is amazing, and manipulative. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing he has going on was oddly super hot. He owns his evil and doesn't really care whos sees it or when it happens. 

"You wanna know why I lock my doors at night?"..."To protect the people outside of it from me."

The sub character in it are Nikki, Dave, and Happy. None of them are real constant characters, and none of them I was head over heels for, but in this story it didn't really matter. They all brought something too the table and I have no real complaints with them. The times they do present themselves they are funny, and I never questioned their appearance.

As far as the plot goes, going into this story I had no real idea what it was about except for a girl falls for her stalker. I didn't know anything else. I'm really glad I didn't. Going into it blind made it amazing. There was about 100 things that happened that I didn't see coming. The two big twist in the story were AMAZING!!!
One of them is set up from page one so you're waiting almost the whole story to hear it unfold and when it finally does, whoosh, it gets insane. The second twist is thrown in there so fast you had NO idea it was coming... You're just reading along then WHAM!!! I had to stop and re-read the sentence and ask myself if that really just happened... I swear my jaw unhinged and fell to the floor.

The plot, the flow, the characters, the world build all won me over. The story does have a few holes in it that I wont touch base on because of potential spoils, but even the minor things that popped up I was never truly bothered. I can really see people either loving or hating this book... I'm on the loving side I think it was inventive and brought something new to this genre. Raw was like a snowball rolling down a hill... It started small but strong and kept building till it was so  big and out of control that it had the best explosive ending. Because that ending.... THAT ENDING!!!! The last paragraph in a book is suppose to wrap everything up in a pretty bow for you, not completely come out of left field and blow your brains out. That's Raw's ending to say the least... Mind Blowing!!!! 

 10/10 Stars