Friday, December 12, 2014

Rush by Maya Banks

Rush by Maya Banks 
When Gabe Hamilton saw Mia Crestwell walk into the ballroom for his hotel’s grand opening, he knew he was in for trouble... After all, Mia is his best friend’s little sister. Except she’s not so little anymore. Gabe has starred in Mia’s fantasies more than once, ever since she was a teenager with a huge crush on her brother’s best friend. So what if Gabe’s fourteen years older? She’s an adult now, and there’s no reason not to act on her most secret desires. 

When I first picked up Rush all I knew was that it was going to be supa hot and hot it was. When I read the first few chapters all I could think of was that it was so much like Beautiful Bastard and 50 Shades (it could be their lovechild), but the further I read the less it was like 50 Shades. Rush is a story about Gabe Hamilton and Mia Crestwell. Jace's little sister, Mia, has had a crush on Gabe ever since she was a little girl. I mean who wouldn't crush over their brother's hot best friend! If I had a brother and he had friends like Ash and Gabe I probably would have too. Mia is currently working in a coffee shop while she tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Little does she know that when she goes to visit her brother at their hotel grand opening she would get the job offer of all job offers. Gabe has always been apart of Mia's life, but always slightly in the distance. After a very public and brutal divorce he has been set on not finding love again.

Even with Gabe's age being a little higher than I would normally like I don't really have to many complaints with him. The main thing was sometimes the things he said were a little..... interesting?! Sometimes he would speak and it would make my ears blush and others times I was super weirded out. It's mainly hot though. Mia was a character I really enjoyed.  Her only downside was sometimes her actions in my opinion were spot on then sometimes they were so far off from what I think a real women her age would have done. Overall I really liked their characters and how their relationship was built. I like that this trilogy follows a different guy in each book, because I really want to know more about Ash and Jace's "situation". They were both people I wish we would have gotten more of in this story.

It did take me a little longer than usual to connect with the characters, but it was worth it for the ending, which I was more than pleased with. I loved the way Gabe and Mia describe each other and it had me very giddy. I loved almost everything about this book... EXCEPT one thing. When they go to Paris. If I could go and edit this book that would be the only thing I would take out of it. You could replace that whole area with something, anything else... They could watch paint dry I don't care. I just hated everything about that little section. I think It brought the books rating and flow, way down. It was just too much. I'm pretty sure at one point I said:

 It was just that Weird! This books steamy scenes were written to a point where it wasn't too much (Paris aside) and did bring everything back together, even after that whole awkward area. I would love to hear how this audio-book is; as weird as that might sound. I got everything I didn't get  from 50 shades of lame out of Rush. Which made me a happy camper.  I was drawn in by the cover and then by it's pages. I think if you're a fan of books like Wallbangers and Beautiful Bastards then you will more than likely like this one as well. I will be continuing the series and will be looking to get more of Maya Bank's books in the future. 

7.5/10 Stars