Thursday, December 18, 2014

Filthy 1-4 by Megan D. Martin

Filthy 1-4 by Megan D. Martin

Faye Turner is a nineteen-year-old homeless prostitute addicted to cocaine. Her life is simple, bouncing from one high to the next, bent over greasy truck seats for faceless men. But everything changes when Rhett Hale her devilishly handsome step-brother comes back into her life bearing bad news.

Okay so we all know by now I have NO shame in saying I love a good scandy ready. I'll talk about it, I'll blog about it, I'll tweet about it, I just don't care... Then there are a few times when I read something like this and get confused. I thought this was suppose to be a steamy story?!? Turns out I accidentally picked up a comedy. 

Faye is a runaway prostahooker who gets brought home one day by her step brother Rhett who is only trying to help get her to go to her mom's funeral. This books is all sorts of weird. Like this story has every cliche and taboo thing you could think of in it. There's: cancer, prostitution, STDs, forbidden love, molestation, dark secrets, flip out at funerals it's like the worst episode of SVU in the history thrown into a book.

Faye ran away from home because her stepfather is abusing her, and her mother refused to do anything about it because she loved his money too much. So Faye decides to become a hooker and sleep with random dudes at truck stops and live in a tent in a field. One day her step-brother comes and gets her and tell her she has to come with him because her mother has died and she needs to pay her respects. Sounds ok so far right? WRONG, from there on out the story goes off-roading into a land of bizarre. I'll wrap everything up for you. Trust me you want to be spoiled. 

She gets to her step brothers house and acts a fool. Her step brother hates her but wants to sleep with her even though he's soooo in love with his long time girlfriend. He takes Faye to a clinic where we find out ya girl has the Clap.  

They go to her mothers funeral where she freaks out and they have a not so but yet semi steamy scene... at her mother's funeral which is beyond gross. Then they go back after the funeral for that thingy where you have to see all your family members. Of course her step dad is there, BUT he convinces her to sleep with him for drugs. That scene alone is just dumb, Oh AND ALSO GROSS. Then the funerals over and she goes back to her day job where she does some weird ass action role playing with some of her "clients". Then as if the book couldn't get any worse it does. She continues to sleep with her step dad for drugs and her step brother is super jealous. It only got more and more out of hand from there. I just couldn't; this whole thing was a flipping mess. I didn't know what I did more of laughing or rolling my eyes.

This book is in no way hot. It's actually really disgusting. This girls V needs a serious overhaul, like I'm really worried it's going to break off. The least of her worries should be her drug issues with a V like that. The only thing I kind of liked about this "series" is that it was released in pieces, but even that kind of peeved me off too. This book is far far far from hot.

1.5/10 Stars