Saturday, January 3, 2015

Burn by Maya Banks

Ash McIntyre has always explored his wilder side of well... you know. He demands control. His two best friends, Gabe and Jace, are both settled in their relationships with their new wife and fiance. So Ash has been left on his own. When Then Ash meets Josie, things seem to take a dramatic change.

I'm just gonna come right out and say it... I was pretty disappointed in this book. I was so excited for the final book in the Breathless Trilogy because it was about Ash, who has only made small appearances in the other two. He was who I was looked forward to seeing in the other two books. They constantly were saying how he was the polar opposite of Gabe and Jace... Turns out they were wrong... So wrong. He was exactly like the other two boys. So much so I felt like I wasn't even reading a different book. In Rush we got to see Gabe and Mia's interesting and commanding relationship. In Fever we got Jace and Bethany's dark turned sensitive relationship. Both those books were so different from one another. I felt like Banks just took Gabe and Jace and tried to mash them together to give us Ash. It didn't work out.

The only thing that was different in this book was the small twist towards the end and the girl. Josie was actually different from the other two women featured in one and two. She was suppose to be like the other two women so I guess it was nice that at least someone ended up different.

Burn was also a lot less steam than the other two. The flow of the story was nice and it kept a pretty steady pace, but overall was just lacking the spark that we got from before. Some parts of this book were five star quality while others were more like two. I find myself going back and forth when I was trying to rate this on Goodreads... One second I put it at a four right after I put it as a two.

I didn't like the build up between Ash and Josie. The reason I liked the other two guys was because they were all dominant and in control... and owned that. Ash was like that at first but then slowly started slipping... 

Levering himself upward, he kissed her forehead and then smoothed the hair from her face before kissing her lips. "Was that good for you?" he asked. "If it was any better, I'd be dead," she said ruefully.

No! Just no. The Ash I've read up until now doesn't ask how it was for you, because he knows he's good. None of these men ask the women. tisk tisk. Josie was also suppose to be strong willed and when the painting thing is revealed she should have stood her ground longer. I just didn't get them. Sigh. Pretty sure I spent most of my time shaking my head and saying no than I did actually enjoying it. 

I love Maya Banks writing, covers, and how she has her books set up. But Burn was not my favorite of hers. She could have given us so much in this book, and there was so much I wanted. She could have came hard with Ash and really made him the wild card she said he was from the get go. The small twist at the end of the book didn't really make up for the lack of everything else. Come on Maya you can't give us these amazing covers, an amazing first and second book, and then hand us this and expect us to just take it.... Ugh... Guess now that I think about it I'm more disappointed than I originally thought.... Hopefully the next series I pick up from her wont have an ending that let me down so much. 

4/10 Stars