Sunday, January 25, 2015

Erased by Jennifer Rush

So in book two of the Altered series by Jennifer Rush, we pick up pretty close to where book one left off. Anna is still on the run from The Branch with the boys and tension is at an all time high among everyone. Anna still is in lurve with Sam, Cas is still hot and fun, Nick is still angsty hot, and Trev is still a traitor and working for The Branch.

As the book goes on, we learn a LOT more about each of their pasts, especially Nick. I'll admit I was not on Nick's team at all in the first book. I thought his attitude was over the top and he needed to turn down several notches. After what happens with him in book two, and the friendship that he develops with Anna... I'm all about Nick now. Through his flash backs and some other things, you are able to figure out a lot about him and why he acts the way that he does. By the end, I was SO #teamNick and I wanted Anna to dump Sam and be with Nick instead (don't worry, this doesn't happen to my dismay so it's not a spoiler). Nick is just sooooooo hot with his tortured soul and wrong side of the tracks background. Don't get me wrong, Sam sounds handsome, but he just sounds so boring compared to Nick. What would be really awesome is if Maya Banks or some other scandy writer got ahold of these characters, if you know what I mean. #notweird

ANYWAY.. I didn't see some of the big twists coming and my jaw was left hanging open on THE FLOOR. We find out the truth about the night Anna's parents die, Anna's connection with The Branch, more about sister Dani, what's going on with Trev, and all kinds of crazy stuff. We get to meet tons of new characters who really do a good job of adding to the story.

I thought the ending was pretty perfect. All the loose ends are tied up (my favorite) and I really think it could have been the end of the series. I'm actually pretty confused about what is going to happen in book three that just came out a few weeks ago because literally everything is good and happy and fulfilled at the end of book two. I will say I liked this book a lot more than the first. Altered was good, but it wasn't my favorite. Erased is much better as far as pace, character development, ending, and just overall likability. I think this series is super underrated series, so I think if you are a fan of The Bourne Identity series, The Raven Boys series, and even Shatter Me then you will like the Altered series.

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5/5 stars